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Job 15
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Then answered Eliphaz the Temanite, and said,
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Should a wise man utter vain knowledge, and fill his belly with the east wind?
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Should he reason with unprofitable talk? or with speeches wherewith he can do no good?
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Yea, thou castest off fear, and restrainest prayer before God.
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For thy mouth uttereth thine iniquity, and thou choosest the tongue of the crafty.
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Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I: yea, thine own lips testify against thee.
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Art thou the first man that was born? or wast thou made before the hills?
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Hast thou heard the secret of God? and dost thou restrain wisdom to thyself?
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What knowest thou, that we know not? what understandest thou, which is not in us?
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With us are both the grayheaded and very aged men, much elder than thy father.
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Are the consolations of God small with thee? is there any secret thing with thee?
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Why doth thine heart carry thee away? and what do thy eyes wink at,
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That thou turnest thy spirit against God, and lettest such words go out of thy mouth?
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What is man, that he should be clean? and he which is born of a woman, that he should be righteous?
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Behold, he putteth no trust in his saints; yea, the heavens are not clean in his sight.
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How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water?
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I will shew thee, hear me; and that which I have seen I will declare;
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Which wise men have told from their fathers, and have not hid it:
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Unto whom alone the earth was given, and no stranger passed among them.
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The wicked man travaileth with pain all his days, and the number of years is hidden to the oppressor.
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A dreadful sound is in his ears: in prosperity the destroyer shall come upon him.
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He believeth not that he shall return out of darkness, and he is waited for of the sword.
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He wandereth abroad for bread, saying, Where is it? he knoweth that the day of darkness is ready at his hand.
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Trouble and anguish shall make him afraid; they shall prevail against him, as a king ready to the battle.
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For he stretcheth out his hand against God, and strengtheneth himself against the Almighty.
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He runneth upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers:
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Because he covereth his face with his fatness, and maketh collops of fat on his flanks.
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And he dwelleth in desolate cities, and in houses which no man inhabiteth, which are ready to become heaps.
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He shall not be rich, neither shall his substance continue, neither shall he prolong the perfection thereof upon the earth.
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He shall not depart out of darkness; the flame shall dry up his branches, and by the breath of his mouth shall he go away.
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Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.
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It shall be accomplished before his time, and his branch shall not be green.
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He shall shake off his unripe grape as the vine, and shall cast off his flower as the olive.
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For the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery.
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They conceive mischief, and bring forth vanity, and their belly prepareth deceit.

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Job 15
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