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PRESSTV report: Wahabism was created by British Empire to counter Islam, damage the identity and culture of Muslim countries plus make Muslims dress and behave in an extreme way to make them feared and hated for British Divide and Rule. Zionism was created by British Empire to counter Judaism, to damage the identity of Jewish People and by creation of Israel, or 'Exile', and its extreme Zionist behaviour, to make the Jewish People [unconnected to secular Zionism] feared and hated for British Divide and Rule.

Islam and Judaism were targeted with these 100 year plans of Wahabism and Zionism respectively, not because they are a threat to Christianity, or because they are a threat to White Europeans. Both Islam and Judaism in their pure forms are meditative un-worldy Faiths that are a threat to Western Capitalism. Both religions had to be 'derailed' and Hate poured on both Faith groups for the machinations of British Empire Narcissistic Delusion, Financial Greed and Greed for Power.

The history: The Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled Arabia. The British discovered oil. The Ottomans were Mystical Sufi Muslims. The British enshrined an extreme small Wahabi cult who would not recognise any other Faith or other interpretations of Islam. The British created House of Saud with the Wahabi extremists as the Faith. The Quranic Rule of 'Muslim cannot fight Muslim' was broken by the British Empire installing the Wahabi extremists. The Wahabis were used to fight the Ottoman Sufi Muslims. The Turks were driven off the land. The British drew the map of 'Saudi Arabia'. The country was financially secularised so that the oil money could not be shared Islamically. House of Saud signed over the oil to the British Empire and British Petroleum. The British continue to sell £Billions of arms to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a terrorist outpost of the modern British Empire like Israel, USA and Caymen Islands [Financial Terrorism of Tax Evasion for Corporations]. British Empire is currently conducting an arms sales profit for Corporation of London and the London Stock Market via Saudi Arabia in a proxy war against Shia Muslim Iran in Yemen. The British via Saudi Wahabis are creating unimaginable atrocities while profiting the British stock market in arms sales. Plus creating mischief and Divide and Rule in the Middle East and selling Saudi oil.

Extreme Wahabism is a tool for destroying the identity of Muslims who previously worshipped and dressed in simple traditional local ways. Wahabism is being promoted via Saudi funded Wahabi Madrassas indoctrinating Muslims that Wahabism is 'The Real Islam'. The aim of British Wahabism is to entice Muslims to dress in extreme ways of Saudi Arabian Wahabism: face veils, abbaya robes and even chadoors head to floor robes from Iran. Many Muslims did not dress in this way up until the 'Islamic Revolution' of 1979 which was likely organised by British Empire also.

The extreme Wahabi garb serves to isolate Muslims in everyday society and makes them a target for BBC Divide and Rule and 'Boogie Man' for Corporate False Flag attacks like 9/11.

The Wahabism also aims to destroy the culture and history of Muslims from a variety of countries by insisting that Music, Poetry, Musical Instruments, Dancing, Cinema, Theatre, Art are all 'Haram' or 'Sinful'. This is a particularly wicked attack on Human Beings to destroy their Identity. This kind of Psychological and Cultural wickedness can only be expected from the delusional Narcissistic British Empire and their illusions of colonial 'Cultural Supremacy'.

A further strand to Wahabism is a long term plan to eventually destroy the adherence to the Faith of the pure Islam and Muslim meditation that opposes Western Capitalism. The imposition of extreme Wahabi clothing and compulsion of following extreme Wahabi ceremonies like praying five times a day and fasting every day of Ramadan, plus no music, no dancing, no poetry etc. All of these are aimed at making Muslims, especially young Muslims, so sick of their lives that they leave the Faith. The British Empire Wahabism, a Cuckoo in the Nest, is made so difficult to follow and makes for a miserable life, this attempts to exhaust and sicken Muslims to leave the Wahabism. This is compounded by the Western pressure of advertising, capitalism, SMART phones and pornography. All of these combined with British Empire Wahabism with its links to 'Terrorism' [mostly Corporate False Flag created to victimise Muslims] pressures Muslims to give up Faith and just be Western Appearance Secular units of consumption of Consumption, like the rest of the brainwashed population.

British Wahabism and British Zionism are both sinister attacks on meditative Faiths of Islam and Judaism. A 100 year British Empire plan to destroy the real pure Faith, and the confidence of those people in their religion, culture and identity with false invented cult and use this false cult to bring hatred on Muslims and Jews as a British Empire plan.

Shared on: 24 Apr 2019

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