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Did Abraham exist? If so, when did he live and what evidence supports his existence? We offer several data points to support his life.

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Craig Olson - How Old Was Abraham?

Nahum M. Sarna - Understanding Genesis

George A. Barton - The Historical Value of the Patriarchal Narrative

David Noel Freedman - The Anchor Bible Dictionary, Vol. 1

Gösta W. Ahlström - The History of Ancient Palestine

Jonathan S. Greer et al. - Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts

Daniel I. Block - Israel: Ancient Kingdom or Late Invention?

Richard S. Hess et al. - He Swore an Oath: Biblical Themes from
Genesis 12-50

Phillis Saretta - Asiatics in Middle Kingdom of Egypt

Langgut, Dafna, Israel Finkelstein, Thomas Litt, Frank Harald Neumann, & Mordechai Stein - Vegetation and
Climate Changes during the Bronze and Iron Ages (~3600–600 BCE) in the Southern Levant Based on
Palynological Records

Manfred Bietak - Avaris: the Capital of the Hyksos: Recent Excavations at Tell El-Dabʻa

Amihai Mazar and Israel Finkelstein - The Quest for the Historical Israel

Kenneth Kitchen - On The Reliability of the Old Testament

Avraham Biran - Biblical Dan

James B. Pritchard - Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. 3rd ed

D. Ussishkin et al. - The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy

Kathleen M. Kenyon - Digging up Jerusalem

Mark W. Chavalas
- Mesopotamia and the Bible

C. Gordon - Biblical Customs and the Nuzu Tablets. The Biblical Archaeologist

J. Bright - A History of Israel

B. Mazar et al. - Views of the Biblical World

Millar Burrows - The Complaint of Laban's Daughters

Richard S. Hess - Israelite Religions: An Archaeological and Biblical Survey

Provan, Iain W., et al. - A Biblical History of Israel

John Rogerson, R.W.L. Moberly, William Johnstone - Genesis and Exodus

Iain Provan, V. Philips Long, Tremper Longman III - A biblical history of Israel

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