Orthodox Christianity vs Christian Zionism  

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The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1, has been given a special award along with two other documentaries. This film exposes what should be three, obvious truths: 1. The US has a war based economy that is dependent upon the support for its many wars by Christians under the influence of Christian Zionism. 2. Christian Zionism is a corruption of traditional Christianity that has been promoted for just over 100 years, through the Scofield Reference Bible. 3. The Palestinians have been under a brutal military occupation by Israel since 1967. An example of this brutality was an Israeli attack on Gaza that killed four and wounded 40 in 2002, that was witnessed, videoed and reported by Charles E. Carlson, the Writer/Director of this documentary. This attack was four years before Hamas came to power and 12 years before Israel's current attack on Gaza, "Operation Protective Edge." This planned operation has turned into a genocidal assault on Gaza with the Israelis bombing hospitals and schools, and civilian casualties hovering around 75%, while destroying the infrastructure of the world's largest, open air prison (Bob Simon of CBS News described Gaza this way in 2009 in an interview with Charlie Rose)
Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and The Turning, Part I (Full, 32 min. Documentary) SaveFrom.net from WHTT http://whtt.org on Vimeo, by Charles Carlson

Published on 28 Jul 2015

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