Violence in Bible - Wars and battles by Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Saul and David - Bible Battles

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This video gives a depiction of the main wars that had taken place in the Bible. It covers wars and battles conducted by Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Saul and then finally David. The main reason for this video is the constant attacks Muslims receive about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his moral Character. To Christians Apologists and Islamophobes, they believe that since the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fought wars that makes him morally corrupt and therefore nullifies his status of prophethood. Yet if we were to remain consistent in this thinking, one could easily turn this logic against the Christian by mentioning the wars that took place in the Old Testament.

Of course you can rest assure that the Christian will try to brush off the horrors found in their Bible by saying it was in the past, and it predated Jesus. But be that as it may, if Jesus is considered a part of the Godhead of the Trinity, and the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one, then that means that all three took part in the War commands of the Old Testament. So when Yahweh ordered Moses and Joshua to go raiding into Canaan, Jesus was also a part of the Godhead that was giving the orders. (according to Trinitarians.)

So when Christians attack the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for simply taking part in Wars and defending himself, know that they are complete hypocrites. And if the only reason for being right and wrong is proceeding Jesus' coming to earth, then Muslims are inclined to ask,

"Okay so if we were to place the story of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) between the time of Moses and David, you're telling me that then you wouldn't have a problem with with the wars he fought?"

Really Christians ask yourself, is this being Theologically consistent? Is right and wrong just based on which time in history it is done? And if you were being truthful with yourselves, when you try to claim that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was evil for fighting wars, are you not in a sense also calling your own God Yahweh evil as well?

I end with noting that unlike the Old Testament, in Islam the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) forbade Muslims from killing women, children and the elderly. He also forbade raping and torturing his captives (despite what Islamaphobic Preachers try to tell you.) So the fact of the matter is if we were being truthful, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was far more moral than the prophets found in the Old Testament.

And if a Christian argues that their prophets weren't considered infallible and made mistakes, we as Muslims still are inclined to ask, "Then why do you bring up morality in the first place when you try to disprove the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh)? If your prophets can do immoral and sinful things, then theologically you shouldn't be bringing up the subject of morality to test prophethood in the first place."

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