A Jewish Rabbi presents Islam to Jews - Reuven Firestone

Published: 17 Feb 2010  ·  Uploaded: 28 Mar 2017 Watch on Youtube.com
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Video Description (from Youtube)
Great video from Rabbi Firestone explaining how similar Islam and Judaism are.
I personally believe that it is always better to look for similarities rather than to differences in order to relief the tensions between the two great religions. We believe in the same God and almost all the prophets. The Jews doesn't believe in Jesus PbuH and Mohammad PbuH. We Muslim do. The Jews does not believe in the New Testament nor in the Quran. We Muslim do believe in the original unchanged Torah/Old Testament, the Unchanged New Testament and in the Quran.
They are responsible for what they believe is the truth and we are responsible in what we believe is the truth.
We, humans, are like flying bugs in darkness seeking the light. That light is our GOD. We seek him flying from different directions and ways. He is the all mighty and all knowing.

Shared on: 28 Mar 2017

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