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According to Christians, Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus Christ in the New Testament

Identifying the New Testament (NT) authors can help determine this claim. Who wrote the NT, and is it possible, Jesus was 'inserted' into the text to make the NT appear more authentic, credible and acceptable to new Jewish-Christian converts?

1 New Testament (NT) Was God-Inspired
NT authors were 'inspired' by God to write His words, independent of the OT. Most traditional Christians hold this view.

2 New Testament (NT) Copied Old Testament (OT)
NT authors copied OT verses and edited them to fit the Jesus narrative. The NT was written by 'anonymous' authors many years after Jesus' crucifixion. A few modern Bible scholars hold this view.

The table below lists over 400 Old Testament (OT) prophecies alongside New Testament (NT) verses which share language, text and theme.

Genesis | Exodus | Leviticus | Numbers | Deuteronomy | Ruth | 1/2 Samuel | 1/2 Kings | 1/2 Chronicles | Job | Psalms | Proverbs | Song of Solomon | Isaiah | Jeremiah | Ezekiel | Daniel | Hosea | Joel | Micah | Haggai | Amos | Habakkuk | Zechariah | Malachi
Genesis | 28 verses copied
1. Trinity (Christian)
2. Creative work
3. Seed of a woman (virgin birth)
4. He will bruise Satan’s head
5. Bodily ascension to heaven
6. God of Shem will be Son of Shem
7. Abraham’s seed will bless all nations
8. Salvation by grace
9. Promise made to Abraham’s seed
10. A priest after Melchizedek
11. A King also
12. Last Supper foreshadowed
13. Salvation by grace
14. Trinity (Christian)
15. Baptism
16. Seed of Isaac
17. Trinity (Christian)
18. Trinity (Christian)
19. Seed of Isaac
20. Only Begotten Son
21. The Lamb of God promised
22. Isaac’s seed will bless all nations
23. Isaac’s seed promised as Redeemer
24. The time of His coming
25. Seed of Judah
26. Called Shiloh or One Sent
27. To come before Judah lost identity
28. To Him shall the obedience of the people be
Exodus | 17 verses copied
1. Incarnation of God
2. The Great “I Am”
3. Trinity (Christian)
4. A Lamb without blemish/ Sin offering without defect
5. Blood of the Lamb saves Romes wrath
6. Christ is our Passover
7. Not a bone of the Lamb to be broken
8. Blessing to firstborn son
9. His exaltation predicted as Yeshua
10. His Character, Holiness
11. Spiritual Rock of Israel
12. Trinity (Christian)
13. Sin offering made outside camp
14. Sin offering
15. His Character, Merciful
16. Trinity (Christian)
17. Baptism
Leviticus | 10 verses copied
1. Sin offering
2. Substitutionary atonement
3. The leper cleansed; Sign to priesthood
4. Prefigures Christ’s once-for-all death
5. Baptism
6. Suffering outside the camp
7. Atonement by blood
8. Blood makes atonement
9. Sin offering without defect
10. The Drink offering, “If any man thirst.”
Numbers | 6 verses copied
1. Not a bone of Him broken
2. Trinity (Christian)
3. Serpent on a pole; Christ lifted up
4. Flight to Egypt
5. Time, “I shall see him, but not now.”
6. Star out of Jacob
Deuteronomy | 7 verses copied
1. Sin offering without defect
2. “This is of a truth that prophet.”
3. “Had ye believed Moses, ye would believe me.”
4. Sent by Father to speak His word
5. Whoever will not hear must bear his sin
6. As a prophet
7. Cursed is he that hangs on a tree
Ruth | 1 verse copied
1. Christ, our kinsman, has redeemed us
1/2 Samuel | 6 verses copied
1. Shall be anointed King to the Lord
2. David’s seed
3. Son of God
4. David’s house established forever
5. the “Rock"
6. the “light of the morning"
1/2 Kings | 1 verse copied
1. Bodily ascension to heaven illustrated
1/2 Chronicles | 3 verses copied
1. David’s Seed
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