COVID is not a highly Lethal Virus - David Marquis

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I am simply sharing my views and encourage all to do their own research.

It is a fact, there is a Novel Virus infecting people. I acknowledge with empathy and compassion that for compromised, high risk individuals COVID-19 can be and has been lethal. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones.

I also acknowledge that we must not ignore the reality that most of us will be exposed to this virus but will not tragically suffer and die, as the continually changing, fear based messages the media and "experts" promote would have too many mistakenly believe. These unrelenting actions can create the potential for a detrimental psychological effect as well.

So, what are my key points of difference in what we are being told? From my perspective, the true and proper premise of the entire discussion is strategically being avoided to allow for less important factoids to dominate and determine the narrative. In my opinion, the underlying premise of any discussion on changing societal behaviors around this or ANY virus should be its lethality. If the lethality is not appreciably more significant than the myriad of diseases we currently encounter then there is no purpose in the extreme societal restrictions and wholesale fear mongering of the media.

In March we were told by Dr. Fauci that COVID-19 was 10 times more lethal than the flu. Despite current data showing that is not even close to being accurate I have not heard a retraction of that statement, rather a doubling down on the isolationist behaviors and perpetuation of fear, but of what? Numbers? Numbers of infected? Why are too many obsessed with spending time worrying about numbers of infected if the natural course of the infection in the vast majority of individuals is mild or not noticed at all?

Daily we hear of spikes or hot spots of newly infected. I think it would be much more genuine if they reiterated the fact that those who have tested positive are were asymptomatic. Then the public would see these numbers are largely people who carry a virus but are not dying! We ALL carry viruses.

The perception being sold in the media is that these spikes of virus equate to death and that is simply NOT accurate for most cases. Are they not reviewing the CDC numbers that clearly indicate COVID-19 related deaths are declining?

Week of 03-21-20 Total Deaths 548;
Week of 04-25-20 Total Deaths 14,072;
Week of 05-23-20 Total Deaths 6501;
Week of 06-20-20 Total Deaths 155.


This virus has not proved to be 1/10th as lethal as it was originally purported to be. Yes, transmission does appear to be high but again, if it is not as lethal as anticipated and most people who acquire the virus (and we all most likely will at some point) are asymptomatic. So then we must question, are the risks vs benefit tables for public activities far too heavily weighted in favor of guidelines that promote counterproductive behaviors? Imagine if we behaved this way with influenza, herpes, EBV, etc. These are all highly transmissible, many people if tested will show antibodies for them despite many not becoming symptomatic or recalling an actual infection.

We implemented social restrictions based off of incredibly inaccurate projections. The more time elapses the more the numbers indicate that COVID-19 is close to influenza mortality numbers (
Interestingly, when I went to the Imperial College source to provide you the link to the original research I used for this point I found it had been pulled from the web. This has been a disconcerting trend I have noticed over the past 2 months including videos and articles of my own that have been censored. ANYTHING that counters the media dialogue is suspect to censorship.

Thankfully, I was able to find another article that housed the original research so you will have to read through the attached link and you will find several good articles that shine light on this part of the topic including the original source I mentioned above.

Additionally, I have heard from several physicians that their hospital administration encouraged them to list as many patients as possible as COVID related despite their actual diagnosis and this has inflated COVID numbers. This is anecdotal but comes from trusted sources.

Again, I am just sharing information and encourage all to be proactive in doing their own research.

Be well!

Shared on: 24 Jun 2020

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