New Testament Authors by Roman 'Flavian' Calpurnius Piso - Abelard Reuchlin 2/5

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Published in November 1979, The True Authorship of the New Testament is the first book in history that explains the true authorship of the New Testament. This historically important book was written by an author who was wondering why slick former Jews were getting into the evangelism business and fleecing Christians of their money, all in the name of Jesus. His 35 year research has uncovered the whole horrible truth, namely that Christianity was created by the Calpurnius Piso's of Rome. It is a fictional story used by the Piso's to take over Rome, which they eventually did after 136 c.e. They also forced the Jews to insert into their religious books many of Piso's own works to create prophecies for the coming of his fictional character, Jesus. If you are a priest, pastor or muslim, this book is a must read if you are to get a head in your respective organizations. All your top leadership know this information--why not you? For those Christians and Muslims that are worried about Satan, we will put your mind at ease. The name and the concept of Satan, the Devil, Lucifer etc. was created by Arius Calpurnius Piso. What's interesting is he also played the part in the story. Find out how:
This is the first video interview the author Abelard Reuchlin has ever done. Thia video is going to teach you more than you had ever known about christianity before and could start you on a road of learning and enlightenment.

Shared on: 01 Aug 2017

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