New Age - Alice Bailey's 10 Point Charter

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Exploring the New Age Movement and Alice Bailey's 10-point charter.

Alice Bailey (1880-1949) was born in Manchester, England and was raised in an Orthodox Christian family. Alice went onto author 24 books on esoteric occult subjects, influenced by Theosophy, reincarnation, astrology and Christianity. Finally, Alice Bailey became a major contributor to the New Age movement, and a revered figure in the higher echelons of the United Nations (UN).
Within the United Nations (UN) is the germ and seed of a great international and meditating, reflective group—a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity.
Alice Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age (Lucis Press, 1955) p.220
The 10-point charter below is commonly attributed to Alice Bailey and her writings:

Remove God from Education
Take God and prayers out of a child's education. They will unconsciously view God as unnecessary for life success. Instead, children will focus on whatever the school pushes as of importance.
Change the curriculum to ensure children are freed from the bondage of Christian culture. Children go to school to be equipped to face life. Alice Bailey
Reduce Parental Authority
(a) Promote Excessive Child Rights
Today, a child can say to parents, 'I do not want to hear that, I don't want to do what you are telling me, You cannot talk to me like that'. In schools, teachers cannot reprimand children who now their rights.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNHCR) explains child rights. It is the most detailed statement of children's human rights ever produced. and is the most widely ratified treaty in history.   UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

(b) Abolish Corporal Punishment
Jesus said in the last days, wickedness will increase and their will be rebellion. Children will be disobedient towards their parents.

(c) Teachers Implement Change
In school classrooms, teachers tell children, 'Your parent has no right to force you to pray or read the Bible. You are yourself. You need to discover yourself'. Self-expression, self-realization, self-fulfilment are buzz-words a child will use to express themselves.

When a child is 7-years old, the teachers say 'You have a right to choose to follow the religion of your parents or not. Your parents cannot enforce you to follow their beliefs. You are free to choose whatever you want in life'.
Break the communication between parent and child. So parents do not pass on their Christian traditions to their children. Liberate children from the bondage of their parent traditions. Alice Bailey
Break The Traditional Family
(a) Promote Sexual Promiscuity
Free young people from the concept of pre-marital sex. Let them have free sex. Sex is the biggest joy and Christianity robs people of this. People must be free to enjoy it without restrictions. Today, young people are admired amongst their peers for being sexually active with multiple partners, outside of marriage.

(b) Promote Pornography
Encourage the spread of pornography. This will promote sexual promiscuity and experimentation. Today, young children can view pornography freely available on multiple devices, tablets, laptops and smart phone. Existing marriages end in divorce due to pornography addiction.

(c) Reduce Family Communication
Break communication between the parents and child so parents cannot pass on spiritual values to their children. Occupy both parents with worldly affairs, mortgage repayments, mother returning to work. Occupy the child with a games console, smart phone and extra-curicular activities.
The Christian family structure is oppressive and it is the core of the nation. If you break the family, you break the nation. Liberate the people from the confines of this structure. Alice Bailey
Legalise Abortion
Abortion as upheld by Christians is oppressive and denies rights. Women must have the right to choose whether to have a baby or not. She must have absolute freedom to rid herself of the pregnancy in as painless, simple and easy process as possible (i.e. contraception, morning-after pill etc).

Internationally, rich Western nations sanction poorer African countries that resist sexual progression on abortion, contraception, homosexuality and transgender rights with threats of withdrawing foreign aid and financial investments. For example, South Africa receives financial aid with conditions to legalize abortion and remove God and prayers from the school educational curriculum.
Build clinics for abortion. Health clinics in schools. If people are going to enjoy the joy of sexual relationships, they need to be free of unnecessary fears, such as unwanted pregnancies. Alice Bailey
Marriage & Divorce
Many couples enter into marriage having signed pre-nup contracts which outline how assets be divided in the event of divorce. In the past, divorce was un-thinkable, as was entering a marriage with such a detailed exit plan.
Love has got a mysterious link called the love bond. It is like an ovum that comes out of the ovary. Only one other person in the world can respond to that love bond, when you see that person, everything within you clicks. Get that person at whatever cost, even if it means getting them out of their marriage. Don't be held in bondage by Christian values. Alice Bailey
Promote Homosexuality
Many countries have passed laws that promote homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle. The media broadcast homosexual themes and the childs minds become de-sensitized to these acts. You wonder why we no longer hear anything positive about Christian activities.

Soon it may become illegal for a Christian preacher to mention homosexuality, or sodomy as an abomination in the eyes of God, or to read Bibilical scripture publicly that talk about homosexuality. Recently, Christian churches marry gay and lesbian couples and ordain gay priests.
Sexual enjoyment is the highest pleasure in humanity. No one must be restricted on how to enjoy themselves. People should be allowed in whichever way they choose, whether it is homosexuality, incest or bestiality, as long as all parties agree. Alice Bailey
Promote Explicit Arts
Alice Bailey understood that arts are a way to change culture. Look at the quality, spirituality and message of the arts, music, films and televised content being consumed by the masses. Sexually explicit, pornographic and erotic themes are celebrated and awarded accolades.
Promote new forms of art which will corrupt and defile the imagination of people. Art is the language of the spirit, that which is inside, you can bring out in painting, music, acting, drama etc. Alice Bailey
Use Media To Control Minds
Use the news, press, radio, TV, internet and online social media to control the minds and thoughts of people. Media is a multi-billion dollar industry which controls all aspects of information delivery into society. We desire objects we do not need and cannot afford. We hate people we do not know or have never met. Our minds are controlled.
The greatest channel you need to use to change human attitude is media. Alice Bailey
Promote Interfaith Movements
Interfaith movements are increasing in popularity across the world. We can choose between the various beliefs, as they are all determined to be equal. Can truth ever equal falsehood?
Promote other faiths to be at par with Christianity, and break this thing about Christianity as being the only way to heaven, by that Christianity will be pulled down and other faiths promoted. Alice Bailey
Church Endorse Government Laws
Governments legislate laws which appear contrary to Christian values. The church endorses the laws citing social progression and advancement. The Christian church no longer holds contrarian, non-conformist views to challange government legislation.
The church must change its doctrine and accommodate the people by accepting these things and put them into its structures and systems. Alice Bailey

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