Jesus - 91% chance he was a fictitous Mythical-Hero (Raglan Scale)  

Jesus tops the 'Mythical-Hero' board with a score of 91%

The Raglan Scale
In 1936, Lord Raglan developed the Raglan Scale, a 'Mythical Hero' study which surveyed mythical heros in various cultures, myths and religions thoughout history and around the world.

Heros analysed were Aeneas, Arthur, Buddha, Gilgamesh, Heracles, Lohengrin, Odysseus, Oedipus, Perseus, Romulus, Siegfried etc. and 22 common reccuring themes were identified.

The Hero, A Study in Tradition, Myth and Drama. Lord Raglan, 1936
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The Raglan Scale (22 points)

Mother, a royal virgin 1/22
Matthew and Luke write Mary, mother of Jesus is a virgin
No evidence if Aminah, Muhammad's mother was a virgin
Father, a king 2/22
Matthew and Luke indicate Joseph, father to Jesus is of royal descent
Abdallah, Muhammad's father was a merchant/trader
Father, often a relative to mother 3/22
No evidence of connection between Mary and Joseph
No evidence; Abdallah was of Makhzum clan, and Aminah of the Banu Zuhrah tribe
Unusual conception 4/22
Matthew and Luke state Jesus was conceived by Mary 'from the Holy Spirit'
Muhammad had a standard conception
Hero, a son of god 5/22
Jesus is regarded as the son of God throughout Christian Scripture
Muhammad was a prophet sent by God; never a son of God
Attempt to kill hero as infant, often by father or grandfather 6/22
King Herod ordered 'all children in Bethlehem' and nearby to be murdered
No evidence anyone tried to kill baby Muhammad
Hero spirited away as child 7/22
Angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to flee to Egypt with baby Jesus and his family
Muhammad was reared by Halima Saadia from Banu Saad tribe to the age of 5
Hero raised by foster parents in a far country 8/22
Joseph was not Jesus' biological father, more a foster father. Jesus was raised in Egypt until King Herod died, and it was safe to return to Nazareth
Muhammad was reared by Halima Saadia from Banu Saad tribe to the age of 5
Little is known of Hero's childhood 9/22
No evidence of Jesus' childhood. Although, aged 12, Jesus debated with priests in Jerusalem Temple
No evidence of Muhammad's childhood
As adult, Hero returns/goes to future kingdom 10/22
Jesus went to Jerusalem just before his last Passover, where he was declared king by the public
Muhammad remains in Mecca and Medina
Hero has victory over king, giant, dragon or wild beast 11/22
After Pontius Pilate ordered his crucifixion, Jesus returns in greater, spiritual, victorious glory
No evidence of victory over a king. However, Muhammad is victorious in battles
Hero marries a princess, often daughter of predecessor 12/22
No evidence Jesus ever married
Muhammad married Khadijah, a merchant, business woman, not a princess
Hero becomes king 13/22
Jerusalem proclaims Jesus the King of Israel. Later, Jesus is mocked by Romans as 'King of Jews'
Muhammad was never a King, or refered as such. Instead, he was known as 'Slave of Allah' (God)
Hero reigns peacefully 14/22
Following his Crucifixion, the spiritual Jesus reigns peacefully, as his disciples spread the Gospel message
Muhammad did not reign, or hold position of state or spiritual authority
Hero prescribes laws 15/22
Jesus delivers teachings, parables and prophecies, taken with legal force by followers
Muhammad brought a new law (Shariah) and Quran
Hero loses favor with gods or subjects 16/22
The jews turn against Jesus and demand Pontius Pilate crucify him
In 622 AD, Muhammad does Hijra leaves Mecca for Medina to escape persecution
Hero driven from throne and city 17/22
Jesus is driven out of Nazareth. Another time, he is led out of the city by Roman soldiers
In 622 AD, Muhammad does Hijra leaves Mecca for Medina to escape persecution
Hero has a mysterious death 18/22
During crucifixion, Jesus died after an unexpectedly short time (3 hours). After 3 days, 3 nights, Jesus' body disappear. The sun stop shining and temple curtain was torn in two. From graves, 500 dead rose up and enter city as zombies
No evidence Muhammad had a mysterious death
His death is at top of a hill 19/22
Jesus was crucified on a skull-shaped hill of Golgotha, on top of Mount Calvary
Muhammad died in Medina (632 AD). No evidence of a hill site
Hero's children, if any, do not succeed him 20/22
Jesus had no children to succeed him. James, Jesus' brother succeeded him as head of Jewish Christians in Jerusalem
Muhammad's children did not succeed him. Abu Bakr did
Hero's body is not buried 21/22
Jesus' body was not buried. After 3 days, 3 nights in a Tomb, he resurrected
Muhammad was buried in the ground
Hero has one or more Sepulchers/Tombs 22/22
The Church of Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem was built where Christians believe Jesus was executed
Muhammad's grave is in Medina, Saudi Arabia

91%    (20 of 22)

36%    (8 of 22)

Based on the Raglan Scale, Jesus scores 91% (20 of 22 points) which gives a very high probability the Biblical Jesus is a mythical, fictitous hero, rather than an actual historical figure.

In comparison, Muhammad scores 36% (8 of 22 points).

The Raglan scoreboard below extends the number of 'Mythical Hero' to include other historical characters, displayed in score order, as awarded by Lord Raglan himself.

'Mythical Hero'
1 Oedipus 100%    22/22 Most fictitous, mythical hero
2 Jesus 91%    20/22 Diety-God, verified score, see above table 1
3 Moses 91%    20/22 Prophet, unverified score 1
4 Theseus 91%    20/22
5 Dionysos 86%    19/22
6 King Arthur 86%    19/22
7 Romulus 82%    18/22
8 Perseus 82%    18/22
9 Watu Gunung 82%    18/22
10 Heracles 77%    17/22
11 Llew Llawgyffes 77%    17/22
12 Bellerophon 73%    16/22
13 Jason 68%    15/22
14 Zeus 68%    15/22
15 Nyikang 64%    14/22
16 Pelops 59%    13/22
17 Robin Hood 59%    13/22
18 Joseph 55%    12/22 Prophet, unverified score 1
19 Apollo 50%    11/22
20 Sigurd 50%    11/22
21 Elijah 41%    9/22 Prophet, unverified score 1
22 Muhammad 36%    8/22 Prophet, verified score, see above table 1
23 Alexander the Great 32%    7/22 Least fictitous, mythical hero

1 Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Joseph and Elijah are recognized in Judaism, Christianity and Islam as real, historical persons. They are not considered 'Mythical Heros', although their narratives may be of a mythical nature.
  • Unverified scores are those set by Lord Raglan himself. These have not been further researched or verified.
  • Verified scores are those decided as more accurate based on research presented in the above table.

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