In 1933, Arabia became 'Saudi Arabia', named after the Ibn Saud family

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Wahabism In Arab & Its B Team In Subcontinent Deobandism/Tablighi Jamaat Are Colonial Era's British Planted Traitors Among Muslims, These Both Deviant Cults Emerged Only After The British Arrival On Muslim Lands With Infamous Policy Of "Divide & Rule". Wahhabism Or Fake Salafism With Backing Of British Mind, Money & Arms & Collaboration Of Ancestral Desert Bandits & Looters Of Past Al-Saud & Their Traditional Nature Of Brutality & Betray Played Leading Role In Fall Of Islamic Ottoman Empire & As A War Booty Or Reward For Licking Their British Master's Shoes Awarded By British What It Is Today's Saudi Arabia The Breeding Ground For Its Byproduct The Wahhabi Terrorism.
In Shape Of Terrorism Threat Western Societies Are "Cutting" What Some Minority Idiots From Among Themselves "Sowed" In Past.

Globalists created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State

Britain and the Rise of Wahhabism and the House of Saud

The British, the Middle East, and Radical Islam

Confessions Of A British Spy[jump!3A!27!2814!29!27]/doc/%7B@13900%7D?

House of Saud, Zionists, Al Qaeda and CIA destroyed Middle East – Dr. Kevin Barrett

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