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Viewers Discretion is Advised! - Due to the Nature of this Topic this lecture is Not Suitable for Young Viewers.
The staggering size of the pornography industry, its influence upon the media and the acceleration of technology, paired with the accessibility, anonymity, and affordability of porn all contribute to its increasing impact.

A wave of porn plague sweeps throughout the world affecting people from all walks of life creating havoc to almost everyone who sees it, with over 75 million porn addicts worldwide and growing fast, it has also reached the Muslim world. Porn Addiction has destroyed family's and society's. Not only is porn addiction a health issue, New research shows that porn has a devastating effect on the brain.

Shocking statistics show how a whole new society of problems has caused this growing world epidemic that has been blamed for high rates of divorce, child molestation, increase of rape cases and abuse against women and children.

So what can we do to prevent this?
Or if you are effected by it how can you stop?

Brother Alyas talks about internet porn addiction its adverse effects and how to deal with it from an Islamic prospective. Creating Awareness of this problem.

"Ruling on masturbation and how to cure the problem" -


$13.33 Billion was spent in the porn industry in 2006, U.S. porn revenue exceeds the combined revenues of ABC, CBS and NBC.

Every second . . . $3,075.64 is spent on pornography

Every Second . . . 28,258 people are viewing pornography.

Every 39 Minutes . . . A new pornographic video is created in the United States.

There are 116.000 searches for child pornography everyday

40 million Americans are regular visitors to porn sites


42.7% of internet users view pornography

1.5 Billion Pornographic downloads per month (peer-to-peer)

Over 420 million Pornographic pages

Over 13,000 porn movies produced every year (35% of total downloads)

4.2 Million Pornographic websites (12% of total websites)

68 Million Daily pornographic search engine requests (25% of total requests).

72 Million Worldwide internet users visit adult sites per month

34% of average users received unwanted pornographic exposure

PLEASE NOTE - Data above based on a 2006 study


Alyas Karmani has 20 years of work experience in the Public Sector across a range of policy areas specialising in Equality and Diversity. He is an accomplished academic with six years of experience as a researcher and lecturer at Bradford and Leeds Universities- department of Social Policy.
Alyas Karmani was former head of Race Equality for the Welsh Assembly Government 2004. He is currently a consultant for West Yorkshire and London Probation service in relation to resettlement and reintegration of Muslim Offenders. Alyas has a Psychology background with close to 20 years of counselling and therapy work focussing on Muslim centred mental health and emotional well being. Alyas is also an Imam and Khateeb (preacher/presenting Friday sermons) at a number of Mosques in the North of England and across the UK. Alyas is also a specialist in youth empowerment and emotional well- being having been a senior policy advisor for the Welsh
Assembly government relating to youth empowerment and development 2008-2009. In 2008-2009 Alyas completed a project called 'Reducing the risks of radicalisation for prisoners' funded by the EU and undertaken jointly with London Probation service- the research was based on direct work with terrorist offenders and currently informs the risk assessment framework of the probation service.

Current Projects by Alyas Karmani To ensure the Muslims community have guidance from an Islamic perspective and to reinforce core Islamic values, morals and virtues whilst at the same time addressing practical issues, contemporary issue and providing an open and informed approach to sex and related issues.


By the grace and mercy of Allah, Islam Bradford has grown to a full featured Islamic Centre over the past few years. As the Centre grows, so grows the cost for maintenance
and new activities. We plan to expand our centre to include even more information and
services for the benefit of the people of Bradford. To do this, we humbly request your
financial help.
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