Jesus the Messiah  
The Messiah will liberate his people and rule the World
In the Abrahamic religions, the Messiah is the one chosen to liberate his people and lead the world near the end-times.

The table below compares the role of the Messiah in the religions of Judiasm, Christianity and Islam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is much disagreement within the Abrahamic religions over the Messiah, who he is, what he will do, when he will come, and even, if he will even come etc.

1 Status of Messiah
A great political Jewish leader who will come in the future and unite the Jewish people and make Israel great again. He will be a normal human being, born of human parents. He will eventually die and bequeath his kingdom to his son or his successor.
Jesus is a divine God-like entity. Therefore he will continue to be God-like till the end of time.

Will the Christian Messiah experience an earthly death?
Jesus was a Jewish Hebrew Prophet, a slave of God and will return as a great leader and advocate for monotheism (Islam) near the end-times. He will eventually die and the Muslims will offer the funeral prayer for him and bury him in in a vacant grave set aside next to Muhammad in Saudi Arabia today.
2 Term 'Messiah'
After Jerusalem is rebuilt a time would pass after which a "Mashiah," an anointed one would come.
Daniel 9:25

It was this prophecy where the word Messiah was used as a title for the coming Prince of God which led the Jews to refer of him as "ha Mashiah," "the Messiah".
In Christianity, the Christ (Greek word Χριστός (Christos) meaning "the anointed one") is a title for the saviour and redeemer who would bring salvation to the Jewish people and mankind.

Christians believe that Jesus is the Jewish messiah called Christ in both the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament.
al-Masīḥ (proper name, pronounced [mæˈsiːħ]) is the Arabic word for messiah. In modern Arabic, it is used as one of the many titles of Jesus.
3 More Names for Messiah
  • King Messiah
  • the Messiah
  • the Anointed one
  • Christ, from Greek: χριστός, translit. khristós
  • ho Christos (New Testament)
    John 1:41

    John 4:25

  • al-Masihu (the Messiah)
  • the Anointed
  • the Traveller
  • one who cures by caressing

  • Jesus in also known as:
  • the Messiah
  • the Messenger of Allah
  • a Word from Allah
  • a Spirit from Allah
    Quran 4:171
  • 4 Messiah is 'Anointed One'
    He will be "anointed" with holy anointing oil, to be king of God's kingdom

    The Israelites, to whom Jesus was sent, had a traditional practice of anointing their kings with oil
    Exodus 29:7

    1Kings 1:39

    2Kings 9:3

    Jesus was the Messiah because he anointed the eyes of the blind to cure them or because he used to lay hands on the sick.
    Mark 6:13

    James 5:14

    Jesus was the Messiah because he anointed the eyes of the blind to cure them or because he used to lay hands on the sick.

    In Hadith tradition, Jesus is described as having wet hair that looked as if water was dripping from it, possibly meaning he was naturally anointed
    Quran 3:43
    5 Other Messiah's?
    Messiah is used throughout the Hebrew Bible in reference to a wide variety of individuals and objects; for example, a Jewish king, Jewish priests and prophets, the Jewish Temple and its utensils, unleavened bread
    Leviticus 4:3

    2Samuel 1:14

    Psalm 105:15

    Isaiah 45:1

    Christians recognise the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) in their Bible.

    Therefore, Christians acknowledge the mention of other Messiahs in the Bible
    NO ONE
    In Islam, no mention is made of another Messiah, besides Jesus
    6 Who is the Messiah?
    Jews are waiting for the Messiah who is coming at some future time.

    Belief in the eventual coming of the Jewish Messiah is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism.
    Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah and await his return.

    Also, Jesus was the son of God, who came to redeem human beings from sin or wrongdoing, and that he compensated for all human sins with his suffering and death.
    Muslims believe Jesus was the Messiah (Masih) prophesied by the earlier Israelite prophets.

    Muslims believe Jesus was a human being and a prophet. He was not the son of God, nor did he die on the cross.
    7 Jesus the Messiah
    The Jews believe that Jesus falsely claimed to be the expected Messiah of the Jews.

    Jesus did not fulfil any of the tasks the Jewish scriptures say the Messiah would.
    Christians believe Jesus fulfilled all the Messiah criteria, or will do when he returns.
    Muslims believe Jesus was the Messiah as God says this in the Quran.

    Jesus is referred to as "Messiah" as this is the title God chose for him.
    8 Religion of Messiah
    9 Time for Messiah
    Jews are waiting for the Messiah who will return near the end-times.

    1. The conduct of mankind will determine the time of the Messiah. Either it will be
    when he is most needed, because the world is so sinful; or a time when he is most deserved, because the world is so good.

    2. Israel will be inhabited by the majority of Jews.
    Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah, and so he first came in 33 AD (approx. 2000-years ago).

    Jesus will return again near the end-times.
    Muslims believe Jesus was the Messiah, and so he first came in 33 AD (approx. 2000-years ago).

    Jesus will return again near the end-times.
    10 Anti-Christ or beast-like character
    W Armilus
    W Antichrist
    11 Messiah in Scripture
    Isaiah said the Messiah would rule the earth and he would slay the wicked by the breath of his mouth alone
    Isaiah 11:1-5

    Zechariah said this supreme ruler was destined to be God's own chosen representative
    Zechariah 6:12-13

    Micah predicted he would be born in Bethlehem, and that his origin is from the beginning of time, and whose reign would last forever
    Micah 5:2

    Daniel called him the "son of Man," who came from the ancient of days (before time), and that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him in an everlasting dominion
    Daniel 7:13-14

    Other references:
    Daniel 10:14

    Ezekiel 38:16

    Hosea 3:4-5

    Isaiah 2:11

    Isaiah 2:42

    Isaiah 59:20

    Jeremiah 23:30-33

    Jeremiah 48:47

    Jeremiah 49:39

    Zephaniah 3:9

    Zechariah 14:9

    John the Baptist, who was a prophet during Jesus's lifetime, considered the Messiah, whom he knew as Jesus to be far superior to himself.

    John said, "I baptize you with water; but he who is mightier than I is coming, the thong of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire."
    Luke 3:16

    And as Jesus was coming towards him, John said, "This is he of whom I said, 'After me comes a man who ranks before me, for he was before me'"
    John 1:30

    Furthermore, since he was the only prophet to rise at the same time as Jesus, he rejoiced at the honour of being appointed to reveal him to the nation
    John 1:31

    Jesus is the Messiah Jesus or "al-Masihu ibn Maryam," the Messiah, son of Mary. In the Quran, the Messiah title applies to Jesus alone and none else.

    Jesus is mentioned as having been sent down by Allah, strengthened by the holy spirit and hence, 'anointed' with the task of being a prophet and a "recipient of sacred scripture".

    Other references:
    Quran 3:45
    Quran 4:157
    Quran 4:171
    Quran 5:72
    Quran 5:75
    Quran 9:31
    12 Messiah's Objectives?
    Stop War & Suffering
    Before the time of the Messiah, there will be war and suffering. His primary task will be to bring the world back to God and His teachings. For Jews, Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah as he did not stop wars in the world.
    Isaiah 2:4

    Micah 4:3

    Ezekiel 38:16

    Christians believe that Jesus returning will put an end to war and suffering. Jesus is the Messiah for Christians as he will put a stop to wars on his second-coming.
    Muslims believe Jesus will return near the end-times.
    A Great Military Leader
    To stop war and suffering, he will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will provide military leadership to overcome those who oppose him
    Christian theology teaches that Jesus will fight the Anti-Christ in the end times
    Will Jesus the Messiah, 'Prince of peace' and non-violent pacifist suddenly become a military leader, overcoming his enemies in physical warfare?
    Jesus will fight the Anti-Christ (the Dajjal or false messiah) in the end times
    Establish Peace on Earth
    All nations will live peacefully together; world peace and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease. There will be no murder, robbery, competition or jealousy. There will be no sin.
    For Jews, Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah as he did not establish peace in the world.
    Isaiah 2:4

    Isaiah 11:6-9

    Zephaniah 3:13

    Jesus is the Messiah for Christians as he will establish peace in the world when he returns
    Jesus will clear all the confusion prevailing in the world regarding his life and mission.

    In particular, Jesus will correct the false teachings of Christianity (symbolic): Break the cross; Kill the swine/pig; Abolish the jizyah (tax) due to an abundance of wealth.
      Hadith Bukhari..
      Hadith Muslim..
    Establish Religious Courts
    He will establish the Sanhedrin, the religious supreme court and legislature of the Jewish people, based on Jewish Law. This is a necessary condition for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
    Isaiah 1:26-27

    Sanhedrin would formally recognize the Messiah as the king of Israel.
    He will restore the religious court system of Israel, establish Jewish law as the law of the land and the law of the Jubilee will be reinstated
    Jeremiah 33:15

    How will Christians conform to and accept Jewish Law?
    The Messiah will be a just judge. It is unclear if the Messiah will establish Jewish Law over Islamic Law
    Spread Universal Knowledge of God of Israel and Judaism
    The whole world will recognize the Jewish God as the only true God, and the Jewish religion, Judaism as the only true religion
    Isaiah 2:3

    Isaiah 11:10

    Micah 4:2-3

    Zechariah 14:9

    Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah as he did not spread knowledge of Israel and the Jewish religion
    Will Christians accept Judaism and the Jewish God over Jesus who they consider their God?

    Will a Jewish Messiah accept the Christians?
    If Judaism becomes the only true religion, is Christianity a false religion?
    The Messiah will establish Islam as the true religion.

    He, Jesus will correct the false beliefs that are spread about him and Christianity, Trinity, crucifixion, bible etc.
    A Religious & Spiritual Leader
    To establish the Jewish religion, its laws and courts, the Messiah will himself be a religious and spiritual leader.

    He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments

    He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions
    Jeremiah 33:15

    Hosea 3:4-5

    Ezekiel 37:24

    Jeremiah 33:15

    Isaiah 11:2-5

    Will the Godhead of Jesus be effected by Jewish doctrine?
    Muslims believe that Jesus will correct the Christian beliefs that he is God or the son of God.
    Establish Government in Israel
    He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles
    Isaiah 2:2-4

    Isaiah 11:10

    Isaiah 42:1

    Many Christians today are supportive of Israel and acknowledge Jewish Messanic principles.
    It is unclear if or where the Messiah will establish a government
    Establish Jersusalem as Center of Worship
    The Messiah will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing them back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem
    Isaiah 11:11-12

    Jeremiah 23:8

    Jeremiah 30:3

    Hosea 3:4-5

    Zechariah 8:3

    In Jerusalem, the Jewish people will thus be established as the spiritual and moral teachers of all mankind. At that time, Jerusalem will become the spiritual capital of the world.
    Do Christians agree with Jerusalem becoming the center of worship?

    Will Christians emigrate to Jerusalem to worship the Messiah as a God?
    For Muslims, the center of worship is Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
    Will the Messiah establish Mecca as the center of worship?
    Build Third Temple in Temple Mount, Jerusalem
    The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism

    He will oversee the re-building of Jerusalem, and the Third Temple in Temple Mount
    Jeremiah 33:18

    Ezekiel 37:26-28

    Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah as he did not build the Third Temple
    Jesus is the Messiah for Christians as he will build the Third Temple when he returns
    The Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site for Muslims and is located at the Temple Mount.

    The Third temple will either be built alongside the Al-Aqsa Mosque or over it.
    Will the Al-Aqsa Mosque be destroyed by the Jewish Messiah?
    Return all Jews to Israel
    He will physically gather the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and rule over them in the end days
    Isaiah 43:5-6

    Isaiah 11:11-12

    Jeremiah 23:8

    Jeremiah 30:3

    Hosea 3:4-5

    Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah as he did not gather all the Jews back in Israel.

    The Messiah will determine the various Jewish tribes and divide Israel into land inheritances. Each tribe (Levi, Kohen etc.) receiving a portion
    Jesus is the Messiah for Christians as he will gather all the Jews back in Israel when he returns.

    Will Christians emigrate to live alongside Jews in Israel?
    OBJ 11 | Spiritually gather the non-Jews so they convert to Judaism
    Many non-Jews will feel compelled to convert to Judaism
    Zephaniah 3:9

    Will Christians be compelled to convert to Judaism?
    Will the Messiah compel non-Muslims to convert to Islam?
    OBJ 12 | Continue the practise of religious sacrifice
    He will restore the sacrificial system as well as the practices of the Sabbatical Year (Shmitah) and the Jubilee Year (Yovel).

    Sacrifices will continue to be brought in the Temple, but these will be limited to thanksgiving offerings, because there will be no further need for expiatory offerings.
    Christians believe Jesus was the ultimate blood sacrifice.
    How will the return of religious animal sacrifice affect Christian principles?
    Muslims practise the animal sacrifice during religious celebrations including the birth of a baby, Eid etc.
    OBJ 13 | He will be a descendant of King David
    The Messiah is often referred to as "Messiah ben David" (Messiah, son of David).

    He is physically descended on his fathers side from King David and King Solomon; son of Jesse.
    Genesis 49:10

    Isaiah 11:1

    Jeremiah 23:5

    Ezekiel 34:23-24

    2samuel 7:12-13

    Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah, as the Messiah will be born of human parents and possess normal physical attributes like other people. He will not be a demi-god, nor will he possess supernatural qualities
    Christians believe that Jesus is from the Davidic line of King Solomon through his paternal father, Joseph and some say, his mother, Mary


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