Christian Zionism: American Evangelical Christians pursue War with Islam. Although Jesus preached Love - Charles Carlson

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We Hold These Truths has released its newest, 32 minute documentary about Christian Zionism. It is a "must see" to understand why Christian Zionists (Judeo-Christians, Dispensationalists) support war in the Middle East to protect Israel. Find out how Cyrus I. Scofield's reference Bible was used to promote Christian Zionism throughout evangelical seminaries and into evangelical churches for over a hundred years. For updates on Christian Zionism, visit the websites:

Warning: This video doesn't contain the explanation why the Jews are NOT Israelites for more information go to:


Judgment Day Perspectives E-Newsletter Volume II, #5,
July 1, 2005.
By Pastor Eli James
Church of the Restoration of True Israel
The Marks of Israel


A Demonstration of the Deceptive Use of Words by the Rabbis of Judaism
By Pastor Eli James
Second Edition, With Commentary on the Greek, by William Finck

"For ye have perverted the words of the living God, of Yahweh of Hosts, our God." (Jer. 23:36.)

Introduction to Second Edition
Friends of True Israel, for this Edition, I have invited Greek Scholar, William Finck, author of the upcoming book, "The Letters of Paul," to add his comments to this Arsenal of Words, to give us the benefit of his expertise to this very important subject. Most of Mr. Finck’s comments have been incorporated into the body of this work. However, some of his more detailed comments will be enclosed in braces { }.

Shared on: 21 May 2018

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