Unclean Foods: Pigs (Swine) are known to carry over 200 diseases and 11 parasites and worms - David Brett

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Scripturally Clean Food

I have been applying for jobs. There are jobs available in food handling in delicatessens and pizza places. They require handling pork, prawns, etc. (Unclean foods). Am I able to work there handling unclean food?

There are ceremonial aspects of the law, within the Levitical priesthood, which would prohibit touching unclean animals. If one was to touch one, then they would be unclean and would not be able to approach Yahweh until evening (Lev. 15:31); and, only after washing their clothes, body and hands (v. 11). However, not eating unclean animals is a standing physical command for us today since we are still physical beings. The command, therefore,  transcends the ceremonial. Peter proves the point of this having not eaten anything unclean even after Yahshua had been resurrected some 30 years previously (Acts 10:14).

With the understanding of the ritual aspects of the law, we can understand other areas of Scripture with more insight. The most likely reason (besides not having compassion) the Levite and the priest walked past the person on the side of the road (Luke 10:30-37) would be they thought he was dead; though, he was only half dead (v. 30). They would have realized that to touch a dead person would mean uncleanliness, not just until evening, but, for a full seven days (Num. 19:16). The Samaritan, with the Temple at Mt. Gerizim having been destroyed more than a 100 years earlier, assuming he was a worshipper of Yahweh, would not have had an issue with touching unclean bodies or animals at that time. Samaritans were not allowed to worship at the Jerusalem Temple (John 4:10). Though, the main point of the parable was we are to have compassion for others in need.

It is acceptable to work in a food industry which has some unclean foods. To touch them is not a problem for us today in the Melchizedek order, but eating them is (Lev. 11; Deut 14). The following two studies may be good to review: Orthodox Believers http://www.yaiy.org/literature/OrthodoxBelievers.html and Yahweh's Food Laws http://www.yaiy.org/literature/YahwehFood.html .

Shared on: 24 Dec 2017

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