Timeline of Prophets  

Creation of Adam & Eve   3950 BC

Genesis 5:3 1 of 66
0 years later
Birth of Seth   3820 BC

Genesis 5:6 2 of 66
130 years later
Birth of Enos   3715 BC

Genesis 5:9
3 of 66
235 years later
Birth of Cainan   3625 BC

Genesis 5:12 4 of 66
325 years later
Birth of Mahalaleel   3555 BC

Genesis 5:15
5 of 66
395 years later
Birth of Jared   3490 BC

Genesis 5:18
6 of 66
460 years later
Birth of Enoch   3328 BC

Genesis 5:21 7 of 66
622 years later
Birth of Mathuselah   3263 BC

Genesis 5:25 8 of 66
687 years later
Birth of Lamech   3076 BC

Genesis 5:28
9 of 66
874 years later
Birth of Noah   2894 BC

Genesis 7:6 10 of 66
1056 years later
Beginning of Noah's Flood   2294 BC

Genesis 7:11; 8:13 11 of 66
1656 years later
Noah leaves the Ark   2293 BC

Genesis 11:10 12 of 66
1657 years later
Birth of Arphaxed   2291 BC

Genesis 11:12 13 of 66
1659 years later
Birth of Salah   2256 BC

Genesis 11:14
14 of 66
1694 years later
Birth of Eber   2226 BC

Genesis 11:16 15 of 66
1724 years later
Birth of Peleg   2192 BC

Genesis 11:18
16 of 66
1758 years later
Birth of Reu   2162 BC

Genesis 11:20
17 of 66
1788 years later
Birth of Serug   2130 BC

Genesis 11:22
18 of 66
1820 years later
Birth of Nahor   2100 BC

Genesis 11:24
19 of 66
1850 years later
Birth of Terah   2071 BC

Genesis 11:26 20 of 66
1879 years later
Birth of Esau   2006 BC

Birth of Esau
When they grew up Jacob, with help from his mother, disguised himself as Esau and tricked his father Isaac into blessing him. At that time people believed that if a father blessed his son that son would become the leader of the family after his father's death. Furthermore he would inherit a double portion of his father's property. They also believed that once a blessing was given it could not be withdrawn. A blessing was legally binding.
21 of 66
1944 years later
Birth of Jacob   2006 BC

Birth of Jacob
When they grew up Jacob, with help from his mother, disguised himself as Esau and tricked his father Isaac into blessing him. At that time people believed that if a father blessed his son that son would become the leader of the family after his father's death. Furthermore he would inherit a double portion of his father's property. They also believed that once a blessing was given it could not be withdrawn. A blessing was legally binding.
22 of 66
1944 years later
Birth of Abraham   2001 BC

Genesis 12:4
Birth of Abraham
Abraham was born in the great city of Ur in what is now southern Iraq. Ur was a city-state and it was part of an ancient culture called the Sumerian. Hundreds of years before Abraham was born the Sumerians had become highly civilized.
23 of 66
1949 years later
Abraham leaves Haran   1926 BC

Genesis 16:16 24 of 66
2024 years later
Birth of Ishmael   1915 BC

Genesis 21:5 25 of 66
2035 years later
Birth of Isaac   1901 BC

Genesis 25:26
Birth of Isaac
Both Abraham and Sarah were very old and having a son was a great blessing. His name Isaac means 'he laughs'. When he grew up Isaac married Rebekah.
26 of 66
2049 years later
Joseph was sold into slavery   1898 BC

Joseph was sold into slavery
Jacob had 12 sons but Joseph was his favorite. Their father's favoritism made the other brothers jealous. One day they sold Joseph as a slave and told their father Jacob that Joseph was dead. Joseph was taken to Egypt and sold to a man named Potiphar.

After being falsely accused by Potiphar's wife Joseph was sent to prison. However God enabled Joseph to interpret dreams. He interpreted those of a butler and a baker. The butler was later released.

Later still Pharaoh had a dream, which no one could interpret. The butler remembered Joseph and suggested he might be able to help. Joseph was summoned and God enabled him to interpret the dream. It foretold seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.

At that time Egypt was one of the richest and most advanced societies on earth. However farming in Egypt depended on the Nile. Each spring the Nile flooded and deposited a layer of silt over the farmland. If the flood was large the harvest would be good. However if the Nile failed to flood famine would occur. Joseph suggested stockpiling food during the good years and rationing it during the famine years. Pharaoh then made him Vizier, or second in command.
27 of 66
2052 years later
Joseph's father and brothers settled in Egypt   1876 BC

Joseph's father and brothers settled in Egypt
Joseph was eventually reconciled with his brothers and the Pharaoh welcomed his family to come and live in Egypt
28 of 66
2074 years later
Birth of Jacob   1841 BC

Genesis 47:9 29 of 66
2109 years later
Birth of Joseph   1750 BC

Genesis 41:46; 41:53; 45: 30 of 66
2200 years later
Death of Jacob   1694 BC

Genesis 49:33 31 of 66
2256 years later
Death of Joseph   1640 BC

Genesis 50:22;50:26 32 of 66
2310 years later
Birth of Moses   1526 BC

Exodus 7:7
Birth of Moses
An Israelite woman named Jochebed gave birth to a boy and she hid him in a basket on the Nile, among the reeds. Pharaoh’s daughter found the child and adopted him. However when he grew up Moses killed an Egyptian and was forced to flee from Egypt.
33 of 66
2424 years later
Moses leaves Egypt, dwells in Arabia (Midian)   1477 BC

34 of 66
2473 years later
Death of Moses and Joshua took over   1406 BC

Death of Moses and Joshua took over
Finally the Israelites invaded Canaan. At that time Canaan was divided into city-states. Each little country had a fortified city as its center. The Israelites invaded Canaan from the east across the River Jordan. God caused the River Jordan to dry up to allow the Israelites to pass. They then destroyed the city of Ai.
35 of 66
2544 years later
Moses Born   1400 BC

36 of 66
2550 years later
Death of Moses   1201 BC

37 of 66
2749 years later
Birth of Samuel   1105 BC

Birth of Samuel
During his lifetimes the Israelites fought the Philistines. They were originally from Crete and they invaded Canaan from the sea. The Philistines lived in Southwest Canaan and they fought the Israelites as both peoples tried to dominate the region.
38 of 66
2845 years later
David begins reign   1060 BC

2 Samuel 5:4 39 of 66
2890 years later
Solomon begins reign   1020 BC

1 Kings 6:1 40 of 66
2930 years later
Solomon builds the Temple   1016 BC

1 Kings 11:42 41 of 66
2934 years later
David was king of Judah   1003 BC

David was king of Judah
After Saul's death David was accepted as king by the tribe of Judah but at first he was not accepted by the rest of Israel
42 of 66
2947 years later
David became king of all Israel   1003 BC

David became king of all Israel
Eventually all the tribes accepted David as king. Furthermore David captured Jerusalem from a people called the Jebusites.
43 of 66
2947 years later
Solomon was king of Israel   970 BC

Solomon was king of Israel
During Solomon's reign Israel became a rich country. Solomon built a great palace for himself. He also built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem. However Solomon also alienated the people by imposing heavy taxes and using forced labour.
44 of 66
2980 years later
Death of Solomon died and Rehoboam became king   930 BC

Death of Solomon died and Rehoboam became king
The Israelites appealed to Rehoboam to reduce the burdens his father laid on them but he refused. As a result the kingdom split. Judah and Benjamin formed the kingdom of Judah in the south with Jerusalem as its capital. Rehoboam continued to rule in Judah.

However in the north 10 tribes broke away and formed a kingdom they called Israel. Its capital was, at first, at Shechem and later at Samaria. Jeroboam was its first king.

After the split both kingdoms drifted away from God and turned to worshiping idols.
45 of 66
3020 years later
The prophet Jonah lived around this time. Jonah means dove   785 BC

46 of 66
3165 years later
The prophet Amos lived around this time. Amos means one with a burden   760 BC

The prophet Amos lived around this time. Amos means one with a burden
During Amos's lifetime Israel was a rich kingdom. However the wealth was very unevenly distributed. Amos was appalled by the oppression of the poor by the rich and he demanded social justice.
47 of 66
3190 years later
The prophet Hosea appealed to the people of Israel to stop worshiping idols and return to God   750 BC

48 of 66
3200 years later
The prophet Micah lived in Judah Micah strongly criticized the rich for oppressing the poor   740 BC

49 of 66
3210 years later
The great prophet Isaiah lived in Judah   740 BC

50 of 66
3210 years later
The prophet Nahum prophesied that Assyria would be destroyed   630 BC

51 of 66
3320 years later
The prophet Jeremiah lived at this time   626 BC

The prophet Jeremiah lived at this time
Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of Judah as a judgement for her sins.
52 of 66
3324 years later
God warned the prophet Habakkuk that he was going to use the Babylonians to punish Judah   605 BC

53 of 66
3345 years later
The prophet Obadiah prophesied the destruction of the Edomites. (They were destroyed by the Babylonians).   605 BC

54 of 66
3345 years later
While the Jews were in exile in Babylon, Ezekiel had a series of visions   571 BC

55 of 66
3379 years later
The prophet Daniel served the king of Babylon   571 BC

The prophet Daniel served the king of Babylon
In the Babylonian Empire the Jews lived in their own settlements. They were allowed to keep their own religion and customs. Some Jews rose to high positions in Babylon. One such was Daniel.
56 of 66
3379 years later
Ezra led another group of Jews to Jerusalem   458 BC

Ezra led another group of Jews to Jerusalem
Ezra found out that some Jews had married non-Jews. He commanded the people to separate from their non-Jewish wives.
57 of 66
3492 years later
Nehemiah led more Jews to Jerusalem   445 BC

Nehemiah led more Jews to Jerusalem
Led by Nehemiah the Jews rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem
58 of 66
3505 years later
Malachi, the last Old Testament prophet lived at this time. Malachai means messenger   430 BC

59 of 66
3520 years later
Birth of Jesus   4 BC

Matthew 2:1; 2:15
Birth of Jesus
His family fled to Egypt to escape Herod but soon returned to Israel. Jesus grew up in Nazareth in Galilee.
60 of 66
3946 years later
Jesus preached, healed the sick and cast out demons   27 AD

61 of 66
3977 years later
Jesus ministry begins   29 AD

Luke 3:1 62 of 66
3979 years later
Jesus was crucified but after 3 days he rose from the dead. Later he ascended to Heaven   30 AD

63 of 66
3980 years later
Crucifixion of Jesus   30 AD

Luke 23:32-49 64 of 66
3980 years later
Birth of Muhammad   570 AD

65 of 66
4520 years later
Death of Muhammad   632 AD

66 of 66
4582 years later
All Timeline events are historical and dating is approximate, or Circa. Circa (from Latin, meaning 'around, about') signifies 'approximately'. Circa is widely used in historical writing when event dates are not accurately known.
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