Astrology in Early Judaism and Islam - Esoterica

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Astrology and montheism have long had a complicated relationship. In this episode of Esoterica we explore the early interactions of Judaism and Islam with astrology from the nature of the stars and planets, the role of astral forces in the Bible, Qur'an and Talmud, to the philosophical and legal interaction between astrological concepts and these two great monotheistic religions.

This episode is also a collaboration with Ms. Esmé L. K. Partridge, an undergraduate student of Religion at SOAS, University of London and an independent researcher and writer on Islamic studies, mysticism and the place of religious thought in modernity. Her latest publication on the mystical meaning of the moon according to Ibn Arabi can be found in Volume 68 of The Journal of The Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society, and her other essays and articles can be accessed via her website, You can also find her on Twitter at @EsmeLKPartridge.

@13:02 it says Philo but that's actually from Josephus' The Jewish War - whoops!


Tzvi Langermann - Hebrew Astronomy: Deep Soundings from a Rich Tradition

Malya Levin - Astrology in Rabbinic Judaism Source Sheet -

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