Bible scholar reveals the truth about the Bible - Bart Ehrman

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Video Description (from Youtube)
This is a short interview with a former Christian renowned Bible scholar who talks about the authenticity of the Bible.

Important Note to muslims (Please read ) :

"Do not go about just simply trying to debate with the christians about the Bible with the attitude that you can prove to them the Bible is not from God. If you do this, you are doing two mistakes:

1) There may be something you are quoting or misquoting that really was from God, cause remember we believe in the original book that their books are based on. The original book was from God, so be careful about that.

2) By arguing with people and turning them away from the Bible and proving that there is no way this could be from God, you might cause them to be like a lot of Bible scholars, they become atheist. " Sheikh Yusuf Estes

If you want to be guided call on the Creator alone and he will guide you. Remember to never give up on God Almighty. Search and look for the truth with open and humble heart.

Shared on: 10 Jan 2016

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