Christianity opposed Rome Imperialism by adopting the titles Son of God, Lord and Savior, previously reserved for Roman Emperors - Marcus Borg  

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Marcus J. Borg is internationally known in both academic and church circles as a biblical and Jesus scholar. Holder of the Hundere Chair of Religion and Culture in the Philosophy Department at Oregon State University until his retirement in 2007, he is now Canon Theologian at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, OR.

He is the author of seventeen books, including:

* Jesus: A New Vision (1987)
* Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time (1994), the single best-selling book by a contemporary Jesus scholar
* The God We Never Knew (1997), named "one of the ten best books in religion in 1997" by Publishers Weekly
* The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions (1999), co-authored with N. Thomas Wright, a well-known British New Testament scholar from the conservative side of the spectrum, won the "Best General Interest Book of 1999" award from the Association of Theological Booksellers
* Reading the Bible Again for the First Time (2001), has made Publishers Weekly "ten best selling books in religion."
* The Heart of Christianity (2003), a best-seller, has been a group study book in hundreds of churches.

His newest books are:

* Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary (2006), a New York Times best-seller
* Three books co-authored with John Dominic Crossan:
o The Last Week (2006)
o The First Christmas (2007)
o The First Paul (2009)

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