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Do you want to know the history of Christmas? was Jesus (Yahshua) born on december 25? Was the sun god Sol Invictus born on December 25? Was Christmas always a Christian holiday or does it have roots in pagan sun god worship? is Christmas from Saturnalia? What about the pagan Christmas tree? Discover the truth regarding pagan Christmas.

Christmas Eve, the most popular holiday for believers and unbelievers alike. On this day many families will come together to share stories, to enjoy a family dinner, and most importantly, to exchange gifts. Now few would deny that on the surface Christmas has a lot of attraction, but beneath it we find a day stepped in paganism. In this message I want to expose the origins of Christmas and many of its traditions.

As we’ll see, this time has nothing to do with the Messiah, but instead with ancient sun worship. Now I want to begin by asking, why December 25? Do we find a connection between the Messiah’s birth and this date?

Here’s what we find from the New Catholic Encyclopedia: “Inexplicable though it seems, the date of Christ’s birth is not known. The Gospels indicate neither the day nor the month”
Historically who established the date for the Messiah’s birth? This was done by the Roman Church. So the very source responsible for December 25th says here that the actual date for the Messiah’s birth is unknown. So we see that the traditional date for the Yahshua’s birth has no evidence. There’s nothing historically or scripturally that provides an exact date of when the Messiah was born.

Now this is not the only source that confirms this fact, there are many others. For example, here’s what the Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature says: “The fathers of the first three centuries do not speak of any special observance of the nativity. No corresponding festival was presented by the Old Testament ... the day and month of the birth of the Christ are nowhere stated in the Gospel history, and cannot be certainly determined….”

It says that the fathers of the first three centuries spoke nothing about the celebration of the Nativity. So we see here that a celebration honoring the Messiah’s birth was unknown to the very men who governed the church for the first three hundred years. You would think that such an important event would have been understood by these men. The fact that they were oblivious to it shows that it has absolutely no early historical ties to Christianity.
So if the day of the Messiah’s birth is not known, why then did the church choose December 25th? This day was chosen because of its connection with pagan worship; specifically in connection with sun worship, which goes all the way back to ancient Babylon.
Now in this message we’re going to focus mostly on the time of Rome, because it was within this timeframe when the church adopted this day for the Messiah’s birth. Now in the Roman Empire there were three observances that paved the way for Christmas, i.e., Saturnalia, Mithraism, and Sol Invictus.

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Shared on: 07 Jun 2017

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