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In this episode of The Editor's Desk, Michael Matt takes a hard look at the state of our country, the Church and the coming global conflicts of 2021.

As Argentina--the largest predominantly Catholic country in Latin America, and the pope's homeland--legalizes abortion, one would expect Pope Francis to register strong protest. Instead, he called for the world to be vaccinated. What's up with this guy?

As Italy announces plans to keep locked down until 2024, one might expect serious people to question the effectiveness of lockdowns in the first place. And by the way, why does Joe Biden want to follow Europe's lead by masking up America and cracking down on civil liberties?

Meanwhile and in order to save the planet, Bill Gates wants to outlaw cows and shoot particles into space to dim the sun's rays and re-imagine a cooler New Year. Bill's a funny guy...dangerous, but funny!

Plus, the situation in Canada goes from bad to worse as churches in many provinces look to remain locked up throughout the New Year.

So, what are freedom loving patriotic Christians going to do in 2021? Michael shares some ideas for what can and must be done before it's too late and America is lost forever.


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Shared on: 02 Jan 2021

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