Life in Israeli occupied West Bank, Palestine - Amnesty

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Farid al-Atrash and Issa Amro want an end to Israeli settlements – a war crime stemming from Israel’s 50-year occupation of Palestinian land. Israel has made many parts of the occupied territories no-go zones for Palestinians, making it impossible for them to move about freely. By contrast, Jewish Israeli settlers are free to go where they wish.

Dedicated to non-violence, Farid and Issa brave constant threats and attacks by Israeli soldiers and settlers. Issa encourages Palestinian youths to find non-violent ways to oppose Israel’s occupation and discriminatory laws in Hebron. For this, Israeli forces have arrested him more than once. They have beaten, blindfolded and interrogated him. “The Israeli occupation forces target us to silence us,” he says. Farid, a lawyer who exposes abuses by the Palestinian and Israeli authorities, faces similar harassment.

In February 2016, Farid and Issa joined a peaceful protest in the city of Hebron marking 22 years since Israel first closed one of its streets, al-Shuhada, to Palestinians. Hebron’s 200,000 Palestinians are effectively held hostage by the 800 Israeli settlers who live in its centre. The men now face ludicrous charges clearly designed to obstruct their human rights work.

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