Palestine and Creation of Israel in 1948  

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History of Palestine and creation of Israel in 1948

For nearly 100 years, the Jews and Palestinian Arabs have battled over a 10,000 squae mile territory known as Palestine. Both groups claim historical and religious ties to the land. Through military might, Israel has increased its share of Palestinian land from 3% in 1917 to 87% today.
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1500 BC
  • Moses crossed the Red Sea and led followers out of Egypt to the Holy Land
  • 63 BC
  • Romans controlled the Holy Land
  • 33 AD | Jesus Crucified
  • Jesus was crucified in Golgotha, Jerusalem according to Helena, mother of Constantine.
  • 132
  • Roman Emperor Hadrian joined the Holy Land provinces Judaea and Galilee, including Samaria, Judea and Idumea to form a new province Syria Palaestina
  • 1204
  • Under Byzantine Rule, Syria Palaestina became known as Palaestina.
  • 1516
  • Ottoman Empire ruled over Palaestina.
  • 1880
  • Birth of political Zionism which believed that Jews needed a separate state.
  • 1882
  • Ottomon sultan approves Jewish immigration to Ottoman territories.
  • 1897
  • Political Zionists wanted a Jewish state in Palaestina.
  • World Zionist Organisation created to advocate for Jewish homeland in Palestine.
  • Majority of Jews across the world oppose Zionism for 50 years, up until the Holocaust
  • Jews constitute 3% of Palaestina's population.
  • Jews live peacefully alongside Muslims and Christians in Palaestina.
  • Arabs stood against the idea of a Jewish state in Palaestina.
  • 1917 | Balfour Declaration
  • British forces attacked Ottoman Empire in WW1; British won
  • Lord Balfour, UK Foreign Minister supported political Zionism.
  • Britain declares a national home for Jewish people will be founded in Palaestina
  • Britain declares that civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities will be preserved.
  • 1922
  • The League of Nations grants UK a 'Mandate for Palaestine'
  • UK receives political control of Palaestina, with no regard for the inhabitants.
  • Authorities attempt to limit Jewish emigration
  • 1923
  • British mandate over Palaestinia started, and name Palestine introduced.
  • 1930
  • Up till now, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in Palestine relatively peacefully.
  • Jewish uprising sees armed Jewish terrorist groups engage and attack British troops.
  • 1946 | King David Hotel
  • Irgun, a Zionist paramilitary group bomb the King David Hotel, the British headquarters for Palestine killing 91 and injuring 46 people.
  • 1947 | United Nations (UN) Partition Plan
  • British called for UN's assistance to solve Palestine Crisis.
  • UN voted and divide western Palestine into two states: 55% Palestinian land to Jews, and remaining 45% to Arabs.
  • The population of Palestine was 30% Jews to 70% Arabs.
  • The UN Plan rejected by Arab nations.
  • 1948 | Creation of Israel
  • On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the establishment of Israel.
  • US President Harry Truman recognized the new nation, Israel on the same day.
  • 1 Million Palestinians forced out of Palestine, land now taken over by Israel (Exodus)
  • Immigration of European Jews into Israel resulting in major demographic changes. Majority of the Palestinian land is now non-Muslim.
  • Jerusalem controlled by both Jordan (East Jerusalem) and Israel (West Jerusalem), as per UN agreement.
  • 1949 | War of Independence
  • First Arab-Israeli war broke out
  • Israel fought against Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria
  • Israel won the war and now controlled 78% of Palestine.
  • Over 700,000 Palestinians Arabs become refugees.

  • 1949 | Al-Nakba
  • UN Resolution 181 proposed a partition in Palestine creating seperate Jewish and Arab states.
  • UN Resolution 181 resulted in 170,000 Palestinians evicted and destruction of 500 Palestinian villages
  • 1967 | Six Day War
  • Israel launches a pre-meditated air, search and ground military strike on Egypt, Jordan and Syria
  • Israel seized control of Sinai, Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights and Jerusalem
  • Israel invades East Jerusalem and occupies it.
  • Israel controls all of Jerusalem and considers the entire city its capital.
  • Parts of Al-Aqsa Mosque complex bombed and destroyed.
  • Israel controlled 100% of former British Mandate Palestine.
  • Israel starts to build illegal settlements on captured Palestinian land.
  • 1978 | Camp David Accord
  • Jimmy Carter, US President brokers agreement between Egypt and Israel.
  • Israel returns Sinai to Egypt.
  • Egypt to recognize Israel as an independent country.
  • 1987 | Intifada
  • Palestinians in desperation rise up against increasing illegal settlements and land-grabbing activity in Gaza and West Bank.
  • Palestinians protest in non-violent civil disobedience ways as they are mostly unarmed.
  • Hamas, a Palestinian resistance movement is formed to counter Zionist Israeli aggression.
  • 1993 | Oslo Accord
  • Control of Gaza and West Bank transferred from Israel to Palestinian Authority
  • 1994
  • Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty
  • 2003 | Road Map for Peace
  • The EU, UN, USA and Russia release a Road Map that outlines a clear timetable towards the establishment of a Palestinian State.
  • 2004 | Israeli Apartheid Wall
  • International Criminal Court (ICC) orders that Israel's seperation wall is illegal, be dismantled and compensation paid.
  • Israel ignores ICC judgement and continues wall construction.
  • 2007 | Seige of Gaza
  • Israel imposes a blockade, on border and sea port on Gaza, placing restriction on movement of goods and people.
  • 2008 | Operation Cast Lead
  • Egyptian-brokered Hamas-Israel cease-fire, followed by 2008-09 Gaza War
  • Israel launches air and ground assault on Gaza, killing 1391, injuring 5300 Palestinians, and demolishing 11,514 homes.
  • 2010 | Flotilla Massacre
  • Israeli commandos board Mavi Marmara ship in international waters, kill 9 Turkish activists.
  • Israeli commandos attack Gaza Freedom Flotilla delivering vital medical aid and building supplies to Gaza
  • 2011
  • Palestine submits a bid to the UN for statehood and membership.
  • 2012 | Op. Pillar of Defence
  • Israel breaks ceasefire agreemnent, causing Hamas to resume rocket fire.
  • Israel attacks Hamas with 1500 air strikes, 7 navy strikes and 360 mortar shells; killing 101 Palestinian civilians.
  • 2014 | Op. Protective Edge
  • Israel attacks Gaza after a Palestine Unity government formed.
  • Israel kills over 2000 Palestinians (mostly civilians).
  • 2017
  • USA under president Trump becomes first country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
  • UN maintains Jerusalem is to be shared between Muslims and Jews.
  • Palestine demands East Jerusalem is recognized as their future capital.
  • 75% of Israel's population is Jewish and 17% Muslim.

  • Historical Maps of Palestine

    Historical maps of Palestine evidence that Israel did not exist until 1948.

    Map of World ca. 43

    Map of Palestine ca. 1851

    Map of Palestine ca. 1864

    Map of Palestine ca. 1866

    Map of Palestine ca. 1887

    Lawrence of Arabia ca. 1918

    Map of Palestine ca. WW1 1918

    Map of Palestine ca. WW1 1918

    Ottoman Empire 1920

    Map of Palestine ca. WW2 1945

    Map of Palestine ca. WW2 1945

    National Geographic 1947

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