Apostle Paul lied. Jesus did not repair the 'Original Sin' of Adam - Tovia Singer  

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According to a core doctrine of Christian theology, humanity’s sinful state resulted from the "Fall of Man." This hopeless condition has been characterized by the Church as a “sin nature” of all humans through collective guilt. This teaching is based primarily on the epistles of Paul and the writings of Augustine. What does the Torah really state about the events in the Garden? In this fascinating broadcast, Rabbi Tovia Singer responds to the core Christian Claim that mankind inherited man’s sinful nature and is forever severed from God as a result of the “Original Sin.”

Moreover, Rabbi Tovia Singer tackles mysteries in the Creation Account in the Book of Genesis. While its stories are deeply familiar to us, their meaning often seem shockingly elusive. What are we to make of the relationship between our first parent’s knowledge of good and evil and their awareness of their nudity? Why did God provide skins for our first parents? In this show, Rabbi Singer takes you on a journey of discovery into the text - revealing layers of meaning that are both startling and profound.
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Shared on: 28 Nov 2018

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