Did Moses write Torah, or is JEDP Theory true?  

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Nearly 700 years ago, it was just common knowledge that Moses wrote the Torah. Everyone studying the Bible knew it. Moses wrote every word of the book and scribes had passed it down perfectly. Even as far back as the first century, Josephus claims in Against Apion that "there is no discrepancy in what is written" when referring to the Jewish Canon. There were, after all, plenty of places in the Torah in which Moses can be seen writing and many more places that refer to the "book of the law of Moses." Eventually, however, problems began to arise and this perfect view of a Torah written by Moses would soon fall apart. So today we will be exploring the claim that Moses wrote the Torah.

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Richard Elliott Friedman - Who Wrote The Bible?

John D. Hannah - Exodus

Abraham Ibn Ezra - Commentary of Abraham Ibn Ezra on the Pentateuch

Mark McEntire - Struggling with God: An Introduction to the Pentateuch

Lee Martin McDonald - The Biblical Canon


Note: I do not accept Wellhausen's original hypothesis primarily because of his dating method, but I find the Documentary Hypothesis and source criticism to be the most useful baseline in figuring out the evolution of the Torah.

Shared on: 06 Oct 2018

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