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Jesus and Krishna share many things in common

Some Hindus claim the Bible copied from the Bhagavad Gita, Hindu Scripture. Therefore by worshipping Jesus, Christians are actually worshipping Krishna, the Hindu God.

Most religious liberals accept that elements of Krishna were incorporated into Jesus' life. There are explored below:

Krishna Jesus
Hinduism Christianity

Hindus believe that Krishna was the eighth "avatar" or incarnation of the god Vishnu - one of the Hindu deities in the Hindu trinity.

Hindu scriptures state that Krishna "appeared in all the fullness of his power and glory."
'Good News' Gospel

Christians consider Jesus to be the Messiah (Christ) and believe that through his death and resurrection, humans can be reconciled to God and thereby are offered salvation and the promise of eternal life.
900-1200 BC (Aug)

Miraculously conceived and born of the Virgin Devaki ("Divine One") as a divine incarnation.

Indian word Krishta which was the way they pronounce the name of Krishna.
4-7 BC (Aug)

Miraculously conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit without the agency of a human father.

Christ comes from the Greek word Kristos which came from the (south)
Placed in a manger basket after birth.

Krishna's birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds, and he was presented with gifts
Placed in a manger basket after birth.

Jesus' birth was attended by three wise men who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh
Krishna was born while his foster-father Nanda was in the city to pay his tax to the king. He was born at a time when his family had to travel to pay the yearly tax Jesus was born while his human father, Joseph, was in the city to be enumerated in a census, so that all the world could be taxed

The virginal state of Devaki is also a matter of debate. One tradition states that Krishna was her eighth child. Another states that it was a virgin birth.

"In the context of myth and religion, the virgin birth is applied to any miraculous conception and birth. In this sense, whether the mother is technically a virgin is of secondary importance to the fact that she conceives and gives birth by some means other than the ordinary....the divine Vishnu himself descended into the womb of Devaki and was born as her son Krishna."
Miriam (Mary)

The virginal state of Mary when she conceived Jesus is a matter of debate.

Paul and the author(s) of the Gospel of John appear to directly rejected the virgin birth concept.

The author of the Gospel of Mark appears to have been unaware of it.

The authors of Matthew and Luke accept the virgin birth narrative. Christians today are divided over the matter.
Actual father was a spirit or ghost
Krishna was born of royal descent
Actual father was a Holy Ghost/Father
Jesus was born of royal descent
Krishna's father was warned by a heavenly voice to flee the tyrant who sought the death of Krishna. When the tyrant failed, he decreed all the infants be put to death.

Angels warned Krishna's parents of the tyrants plans and so they remained in Mathura, India where baby Krishna was born
King Herod was a cruel, power-hungry ruler who destroyed anyone he feared was trying to topple him from his throne. Fearing baby Jesus would grow to challange his authority, he tried to have Jesus killed.

Angels warned Jesus' parents of Herods plans. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea, Egypt (according to the Gospel of Infancy).

The Bible states that Jesus fled to Egypt afterwards to escape from King Herod
Withdrew to the wilderness for meditation
Withdrew to the wilderness for meditation
Krishna lived amongst the poor and he loved the poor
Jesus and his disciples were poor. The Bible says Jesus was so poor that he couldn't afford his own tomb for his burial.
According to tradition, Krishna raised Mount Goverdhen above his disciples to protect his worshipers from the wrath of Indra.
Jesus taught his disciples about the possibility of removing a mountain by faith. Jesus is recorded as saying: "If you had faith as a mustard seed you would say to the mountain uproot yourself and be cast into the ocean "
Krishna was sent to Earth in the form of a man; both human and divine Jesus was sent to Earth in the form of a man; both human and divine
Meek and merciful
Meek and merciful
Krishna is called the "shepherd god" and "lord of lords," and was considered "the redeemer, firstborn, sin bearer, liberator, universal Word."
Jesus is given the titles "Christ" or "Christ Jesus" from the Greek Χριστός (Khristos), via the Latin Christus. It means "anointed one"; Hebrew mashiakh (מָשִׁיחַ) or Aramaic mshikha (מְשִׁיחָא), from which we derive the English word and name, "the Messiah".
Krishna is Shree Bhagwan Jesus is shyakta-vesha avatara. Jesus is a partial incarnation of Krishna.
Krishna was called "the lion of the tribe of Saki" Jesus was called "the lion of the tribe of Judah"
Krishna washed the feet of the Brahmins and transfigured before his disciples. The Gospel account of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples is widely known among Christians.
Encountered a Gentile woman at a well Encountered a Gentile woman at a well
Baptized in the River Ganges Baptized in the River Jordan

The baptism of Jesus marks the beginning of his public ministry. This event is described in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. John's gospel does not directly describe Jesus' baptism.

Mission to save humanity Mission to save humanity
Fasted Fasted
Last Supper Last Supper
Disciples spread teachings Jesus had 12 disciples
Krishna used parables to teach the people about charity and love.
Jesus communicated his message through parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.
Krishna was called a God and Son of God, humans and divine Jesus was called a God and Son of God, humans and divine
Krishna came to bring about a victory of good over evil. He came onto earth to cleanse the sins of the human beings
Jesus came to bring about a victory of good over evil. He came onto earth to cleanse the sins of the human beings
Savior Savior
Krishna is the second-person of the Hindu Trinity, and proclaimed himself the "resurrection" and the "way to the Father." He is considered to be one of the incarnations of the God Vishnu

Krishna is described as one without a second. The Hindu trinity consists of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, all are exansions of Krishna.
Jesus is the second-person in the Christian Trinity. He is considered to be of the same substance from 'the Father' and even equal to the Father by many
He was considered the "beginning, the middle and the end," ("alpha and omega") I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End
Omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent
Krishna descended from Goloka Vrindavan. Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. The Holy Ghost decended from Yahweh to her.
According to some traditions, Krishna died on a tree or was crucified between two thieves.

"The body of Krishna was suspended to the branches of a tree by his murderer, that it might become the prey of the vultures...[Later] the mortal frame of the Redeemer had disappeared--no doubt it had regained the celestial abodes..."
Author Jacolliot on Bagaveda-Gita

"The death of Crishna is very differently related. One remarkable and convincing tradition makes him perish on a tree, to which he was nailed by the stroke of an arrow"
M. Guigniaut's Religion de l'Antiquité
In the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) Jesus' crucifixion on a cross or stake is often referred to as being "hung on a tree"

The God of our fathers raised up Jesus...hanging him on a tree
Krishna ascended to heaven which was witnessed by many
Following his crucifixion and burial in the Tomb. Jesus is believed to have ascended into Heaven
Ascension witnessed by many Ascension witnessed by many
Claimed: "I am the Resurrection Claimed: "I am the Resurrection
1. Krishna worked miracles and wonders such as raising the dead and healing lepers, the deaf and the blind. Cured "all manner of diseases" 1. Jesus worked miracles and wonders such as raising the dead and healing lepers, the deaf and the blind. Cured "all manner of diseases"
2. Healed a leper. Cured all manner of diseases 2. Healed a leper. Cured all manner of diseases
3. Cast out demons 3. Cast out demons
4. Raise the dead 4. Raise the dead
5. Existed before birth on earth 5. Existed before birth on earth
6. Without sin 6. Without sin
7. Criticized for associating with sinners 7. Criticized for associating with sinners
8. Forgave his enemies 8. Forgave his enemies
Krishna is to return again riding a white horse to do battle with the "prince of evil" who will desolate the Earth
Jesus will return to Earth again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end

Traditionally carried by the Hindu God-Goddess Shiva, is somewhat similar to the Christian cross

The gospel accounts Jesus carrying his own crucifixion cross. This event is disputed between the gospels, and there is no clear account of the event
Immersion in water by Hindus is also an important ritual

Water in Hinduism has a special place because it is believed to have spiritually cleansing powers as all sins fall away
Immersion in water by Christians is a method of baptism for members of the congregation.

In the Roman Catholic Church, baptism is a sacrament that washes away the person's original sin
Doctrinal Beliefs
1. A future reward in heaven or punishment in Hell 1. A future reward in heaven or punishment in Hell
2. Hinduism and Catholicism share the concept of Purgatory 2. Hinduism and Catholicism share the concept of Purgatory
3. Day of Judgment 3. Day of Judgment
4. A general resurrection 4. A general resurrection
5. The need for repentance for sin 5. The need for repentance for sin
6. Salvation requires faith in the Savior 6. Salvation requires faith in the Savior
7. Angels and evil spirits 7. Angels and evil spirits
8. Disease and sickness is caused by evil spirits 8. Disease and sickness is caused by evil spirits
9. A past war in heaven between good and bad angels 9. A past war in heaven between good and bad angels
10. Free will 10. Free will
11. God is the "Word of Logos" 11. God is the "Word of Logos"
12. Fasting 12. Fasting
13. Being born again 13. Being born again

Based on the writings of Kersey Graves (1813-1883), a Quaker from Indiana USA who compared Jesus and Krishna
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