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Love God through His glorious Names and Attributes

God makes Himself known to us through his names and attributes. By reflecting on His names we can start our journey of better knowing and understanding Him. The list below is from the religion of Islam.

Allah/God's Attribute
1. Compassionate
The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers and the blasphemers in this world and especially for the believers in the hereafter
2. Merciful
The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers
3. King
The Sovereign Lord, The One with the complete Dominion, the One Whose Dominion is clear from imperfection
4. Holy
The One who is pure from any imperfection and clear from children and adversaries
5. Source of Peace
The One who is free from every imperfection
6. Guardian of Faith
The One who witnessed for Himself that no one is God but Him. And He witnessed for His believers that they are truthful in their belief that no one is God but Him
7. Protector
The One who witnesses the saying and deeds of His creatures
8. Mighty
The Defeater who is not defeated
9. Compeller
The One that nothing happens in His Dominion except that which He willed
10. Majestic
The One who is clear from the attributes of the creatures and from resembling them
11. Creator
The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence
12. Maker
The Creator who has the Power to turn the entities
13. Fashioner
The One who forms His creatures in different pictures
14. Forgiver
The One who forgives the sins of His slaves time and time again
15. Dominant
The One who has the perfect Power and is not unable over anything
16. Bestower
The One who is Generous in giving plenty without any return. He is everything that benefits whether Halal or Haram
17. Sustainer
The One who sustains and provides everything
18. Opener
The One who opens for His slaves the closed worldy and religious matters
19. Knowledgeable
The One nothing is absent from His knowledge
20. Expander
The One who constricts the sustenance by His wisdom and expands and widens it with His Generosity and Mercy
21. Elevator
The One who lowers whoever He willed by His Destruction and raises whoever He willed by His Endowment
22. Honorer
He gives esteem to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him
23. Humiliator
And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to give Him esteem
24. Hearing
The One who Hears all things that are heard by His Eternal Hearing without an ear, instrument or organ
25. Seeing
The One who Sees all things that are seen by His Eternal Seeing without a pupil or any other instrument
26. Judge
He is the Ruler and His judgment is His Word
27. Just
The One who is entitled to do what He does
28. Gracious
The One who is kind to His slaves and endows upon them
29. Aware
The One who knows the truth of things
30. Forbearing
The One who delays the punishment for those who deserve it and then He might forgive them
31. Mighty
The One deserving the attributes of Exaltment, Glory, Extolement,and Purity from all imperfection
32. Forgiving
The One who forgives a lot
33. Grateful
The One who gives a lot of reward for a little obedience
34. Sublime
The One who is clear from the attributes of the creatures
35. Great
The One who is greater than everything in status
36. Protector
The One who protects whatever and whoever He willed to protect
37. Maintainer
The One who has the Power
38. Reckoner
The One who gives the satisfaction
39. Beneficent
The One who is attributed with greatness of Power and Glory of status
40. Generous
The One who is ready to give His slaves whatever they require
41. Watchful
The One from whom no knowledge is absent
42. Responsive
The One who answers the one in need if he asks Him and rescues the yearner if he calls upon Him
43. Omnipresent
The One who is present everywhere and knows everything
44. Judge
The One who is correct in His doings
45. Loving
The One who loves His believing slaves and His believing slaves love Him
46. Glorious
The One who is with perfect Power, High Status, Compassion, Generosity and Kindness
47. Resurrector
The One who resurrects His slaves after death for reward and/or punishment
48. Witness
The One who nothing is absent from Him
49. True
The One who truly exists
50. Trustee
The One who gives the satisfaction and is relied upon
51. Strong
The One with the complete Power
52. Firm
The One with extreme Power which is un-interrupted and He does not get tired
53. Protecting
The One who protects, supports and solaces His believing slaves
54. Praiseworthy
The One who deserves to be praised
55. Counter
The One who the count of things are known to him
56. Originator
The One who started the human being. That is, He created him
57. Reproducer
The One who brings back the creatures after death
58. Restorer
The One who took out a living human from semen that does not have a soul. Gives life by giving the soul back to the worn out bodies on the resurrection day
59. Destroyer
The One who renders the living dead
60. Alive
The One attributed with a life that is unlike our life and is not that of a combination of soul, flesh or blood
61. Subsisting
The One who remains and does not end
62. Perceiver
The One who is never poor
63. Richness
The One who recites His name will have richness of heart
64. Unique
The One without a partner or off-spring
65. The One
The One and only one
66. Independent
The Master who is relied upon in matters and reverted to in ones needs
67. Able
The One attributed with Power
68. Powerful
The One with the perfect Power that nothing is withheld from Him
69. Expediter
The One who puts things in their right places
70. Delayer
The One who makes ahead what He wills and delays what He wills
71. First
The One whose Existence is without a beginning
72. Last
The One whose Existence is without an end
73. Manifest
The One that nothing is above Him and nothing is underneath Him, hence He exists without a place
74. Governor
The One who owns things and manages them
75. Exalted
The One who is clear from the attributes of the creation
76. Righteous
The One who is kind to His creatures, who covered them with His sustenance and specified whoever He willed among them by His support, protection, and special mercy
77. Acceptor of Repentance
The One who grants repentance to whoever He willed among His creatures and accepts his repentance
78. Avenger
The One who victoriously prevails over His enemies and punishes them for their sins
79. Forgiver
The One with wide forgiveness
80. Compassionate
The One with extreme Mercy. The Mercy of Allah is His will to endow upon whoever He willed among His creatures
81. Eternal Owner
The One who controls the Dominion and gives dominion to whoever He willed
82. Lord
The One who deserves to be Exalted and not denied
83. Equitable
The One who is Just in His judgment
84. Gatherer
The One who gathers the creatures on a day that there is no doubt about, that is the Day of Judgment
85. Sufficient
The One who does not need the creation
86. Enricher
The One who satisfies the necessities of the creatures
87. Preventer
The One who has the power to prevent and to give
88. Distresser
The One who makes harm reach to whoever He willed and benefit to whoever He willed
89. Light
The One who guides
90. Guide
The One whom with His Guidance His belivers were guided, and with His Guidance the living beings have been guided to what is beneficial for them and protected from what is harmful to them
91. Incomparable
The One who created the creation and formed it without any preceding example
92. Everlasting
The One that the state of non-existence is impossible for Him
93. Supreme Inheritor
The Heir, The One whose Existence remains
94. Guide
The One who guides His slaves to the truth
95. Patient
The One who does not quickly punish the sinners

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