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For many generations Noah's people had been worshipping statues that they called gods.

They believed that these gods would bring them good, protect them from evil and provide all their needs. They gave their idols names such as Waddan, Suwaan, Yaghutha, Yaauga, and Nasran, (These idols represented, respectively, manly power; mutability, beauty; brute strength, swiftness, sharp sight, insight) according to the power they thought these gods possessed.

Noah is said to be from Kirk, Iraq. Polytheism appeared for the first time among his people who lived close to the present day city of Kufa, Iraq.

The Holy Books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam speak the same way about Prophet Noah and the great flood.

Prophet Noah lived for 950 years. He became a prophet at the age of 250. For the next 700 years he called the people to God, but had limited success and few heeded his calling.

Noah selfessly dedicated his life to preaching to his people the belief in one God, to leave worshiping idols and statues and to be merciful to the weak and the needy. He told them about God's signs and warned them about the Day of Judgment.

One of his miracles was the Ark which he built on God's command that rested on Mount Judi between Syria and Turkey. When he finished building the Ark, God ordered Noah to load therein two of every kind, a pair (the male and female); his 3 sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth; most of his household, and those who believed him onto the Ark.

Then, God punished the people in the great flood. After the flood, Noah sent his son Ham to India, Shem to Iran and Japeth to the North (China or Turkey).

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Prophet Prophet Prophet
Gender: Male
Age:950 years
3167 BC - Birth
2217 BC - Death *
* approximate
Country: Azerbaijan
Scripture: Unknown
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