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5.   The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon Washington Post
Published: 07 Jun 2017   |   484 views · 4 hrs ago
6.   Why can 12-year-olds still get married in the United States? Washington Post
Published: 10 Feb 2017   |   420 views · 4 hrs ago
7.   Why can 12-year-olds still get married in the United States? Washington Post
Published: 10 Feb 2017   |   335 views · 6 days ago
8.   White Christian America is dying Washington Post
Published: 15 Aug 2016   |   280 views · 22 hrs ago
9.   Can hipster Christianity save churches from decline? Washington Post
Published: 27 Jul 2016   |   358 views · 2 days ago
12.   9th century Viking woman found buried with an Allah (God) ring Washington Post
Published: 18 Mar 2015   |   635 views · 2 days ago
13.   Physicist Aaron Adair is skeptical about the Star of Bethlehem Washington Post
Published: 23 Dec 2013   |   452 views · 5 hrs ago

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42 views · 2 hrs ago · 18 Sep
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127 views · 7 hrs ago · 17 Sep
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COVID priority leads to increased deaths in Cancer, Heart Attack [...] - RT News
99 views · 5 hrs ago · 14 Sep
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