US Wars Planned: 7 Countries, 5 Years - Wesley Clark

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In #911Truth Part 12 I have uploaded the infamous March 2, 2007 interview between Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and Retired US General Wesley Clark regarding the United States PRE-PLANNED “7 countries in 5 years” invasion of the Middle East. Clark details how a mere 10 DAYS after 9/11, a general at the Pentagon told him that the decision to go war with Iraq was already made! And the reason given was “I don’t know”…. In other words, 10 days after 9/11, and before the media driven lie about “Iraq WMDs” the decision had already been made. Furthermore, Clark reveals that several weeks later, upon which the United States were already bombing Afghanistan, he went to see the unnamed general again to see if the Iraq War plan was still going to happen. But the General revealed that it was much worse and gave him a classified memo that listed “7 Countries in 5 Years” to be “take(n) out”: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finally IRAN!

Now while the United States war machine has taken longer than “5 years” to carry out their plan, the first 6 countries have already been decimated resulting in mass genocide, a global immigration crisis, and the ballooning of fiat debt money across the globe that further increases the taxation upon ordinary hard working people. And even though Clark said he heard of the plan for the Middle East “War” aka Mass Ritual Sacrifice and Genocide "10 days after 9/11", it is clear the plan was made well in advance; and thus so too was the planned media brainwashing on a global scale planned as well.

There is now one country left on the list: IRAN. And from the current Puppet President, Donald Trump, and his “demented” tweets to the blatant government run Psychological Operation known as “Q Anon”, the level of outright threats towards Iran make it clear that the agenda for War will continue; but this time towards a more global war that includes Russia and China.

Since the war agenda continues regardless of who is president of ANY country, the inevitable realization comes to mind: we (as in the average ordinary citizen) are under global control. In fact, I would go so far as saying that the global power structure is not made up of “countries” but rather a two tier class: those that rule, and those that are ruled. But on an even deeper philosophical level, it is the very POSITION of power over others that will always lead to war; in other words, it doesn’t matter who is the president, even if it was yours truly, the result would be the same. Those that rule do so simply because they believe the global population are not fit to rule themselves, and everyday we prove them right by our very lifestyles, and ultimately by our very willingness to kill when asked to. Afterall, the “global elite” can only do so much in making us think that killing our fellow human being is EVER a viable decision. And ultimately the decision for peace, for self-governance, and saying no to war of ANY kind rests with us. #BoycottWar

Stay Tuned for #911Truth Part 13…

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Shared on: 20 Jan 2020

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