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Actor Richard Kiley hosts the spiritually-themed documentary The Gates of Jerusalem: A History of the Holy City.
Jerusalem, the city that witnessed the birth of Christian history and that is prophesied to witness the end of it via Christ's return. Within this pivotally important milieu, the holy gates play a critical role: The Dung Gate, The Damascus Gate, the Lion's Gate, the New Gate, Herod's Gate, the Jaffa Gate, the Zion Gate, and The Golden Gate. In the documentary production, Kiley explores the historical significance of each gate, pondering its involvement over the course of history and speculating on its role in the near future. Witn an emphasis on The Golden Gate - predicted by Jews to be the point of initial entry for the Messiah, by Christians to be the point of entrance for Christ's return, and by Muslims to be the location of man's final judgment at the hands of Allah.
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