The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth has put order and purpose in His Creation
How perfect are Plants and Animals; Rocks and Minerals, the Rain, Wind, Sun, Moon and Stars; and the Human Body with its Respiratory, Digestive, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Urinary and Reproductive system.

What's the Purpose of Life?
All of God's Prophets: NOAH ABRAHAM MOSES JESUS MUHAMMAD informed us of our Purpose in life. Worship the one, true God and not to associate any Partners with Him (monotheism).

ONE God. ONE Message delivered by many Prophets

A MUSLIM MUST BELIEVE IN ALL OF THE PROPHETS SENT BY GOD. This is a fundamental requirement in Islam, essential to the Muslim Faith (Eemaan). If any Muslim knowingly denies the existence of, or disrespects a single Prophet, they are considered outside the religion of Islam.

All Prophets were chosen by God as the best examples for humanity. All Prophets were instructed to preach one message: WORSHIP GOD ALONE AND DO NOT ASSOCIATE PARTNERS WITH HIM. explores the lives of the PROPHETS OF GOD including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad through Scripture verse, Historical data, Scholarly commentary, Youtube videos, Photos and other online material.


God gave you LIFE. A period of Time in which to find Him. Time will expire, and Earthly Life will end


God sent you GUIDANCE. Prophets, Messengers, Scripture and 'Hidden Signs' all around you


God made you INTELLIGENT. With a mind to think, question, reason and find the answer

Compare the ABRAHAMIC Religions


1391 - 1271 BC
3 BC - 33 AD
570 - 632 AD
1250 BC
Jews believe in MOSES, and deny the prophethood of JESUS and MUHAMMAD*
325 AD
Christians believe in JESUS as a deity; acknowledge MOSES existence but not his message. Christians deny MUHAMMAD was a prophet*
632 AD
Muslims believe in, respect and honour MOSES, JESUS and MUHAMMAD. All of God's prophets originally sent with the message of Monotheism*

Compare the ABRAHAMIC Scriptures


1250 BC
Jews believe in the TORAH and HEBREW BIBLE (or OLD TESTAMENT).
Jews do not believe in the NEW TESTAMENT, QURAN or HADITH *
325 AD
Christians acknowledge the TORAH and OLD TESTAMENT, but believe in the NEW TESTAMENT. Christians do not believe in the QURAN or HADITH *
632 AD
Muslims acknowledge the TORAH, OLD TESTAMENT and NEW TESTAMENT, but believe these Texts have become corrupted over time. Muslims believe the QURAN and HADITH re-affirm God's message in these Abrahamic Scriptures *
* These are general statements on the overall religious teachings and doctrine. They are not intended to represent all adherents of the religion, as individual sects, groups and communities can hold contrarian and opposing views

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